How To Educate Your Children About Recycling And Rubbish Removal.

We hear a lot about global warming and waste pollution in the news these days. As adults, there are many ways we can adapt our lifestyle to have a more positive impact on the world, but what about children?

How do we teach our children about recycling and rubbish removal?

We can create anything with the contents of our recycling bin. I often use empty juice cartons or plastic bottles to create rockets for Theo or a musical instrument for Mia.Ā  In my opinion, one of the best ways to teach children is to tap into their imaginations. Often children don’t even realise they are learning something.

Some of the products made from recycled materials are truly fascinating. As parents, we should teach our children that recycled materials can become so much more than a makeshift airplane. Scientists are producing new products every single day using waste materials. Glass, metal, and plastic are all melted down and remade into new things.

Even toddlers can learn about our environment, recycling and rubbish removal. Young children can maximize their sorting skills by separating a variety of materials such as paper and plastic. This fantastic game not only teaches them about recycling, it also teaches children to solve problems and really think about what is and isn’t reusable.

In our area, fly tipping is a problem. I often see sofas left on the side of the road and bags of waste dumped in nearby woodland areas. Mia is very intelligent, and knows that this is wrong. When she asks questions, I respond tactfully and tell her that perhaps the culprits haven’t heard of rubbish removal companies such as Clearabee who offer same day collection and complete thousands of collections every month all across the country. Clearabee divert over 90% of the rubbish removed from landfill and offset all of the CO2 from their vehicles.

I’ve spoken previously about how I don’t hide the dangers of the world from my children, and I think its vital that we expose them to the damage our planet has suffered from incorrect recycling and rubbish removal. There are some great videos about pollution for kids on YouTube and there are several great worksheets available via a quick google search.

Until recently, my children had no idea that uncooked fruit and vegetable waste can be added to compost, which helps plants and trees to grow. The concept of composting is mind-blowing for youngsters. You can create a mini compost bin using a large plastic bottle, find out how here.

How do you teach your children about the environment? Do you discuss recycling and rubbish removal with them? Let me know in the comments below.

This post is sponsored by Clearabee – all views and opinions are my own.

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How To Educate Your Children About Recycling And Rubbish Removal.