An Exciting Theo Update – Life With Allergies.

For long-term followers, Theo’s many allergies and health issues will come as no surprise. But many may not realize quite how restricted his diet is or what he deals with on a daily basis.

With 14 food/environmental/medicinal allergies, each day has the possibility to become a battle. He also suffers from eczema and asthma, low vitamins & minerals in his blood and severe anemia among-st other issues that we await diagnosis for.

Because of allergies, we’ve experienced fear unlike anything I have ever felt.

Because of his allergies he fears food. His diet, already restricted by allergies, is further restricted by his desire to mainly eat crunchy foods, and definitely no sauces or gravy!

The past four years have at times been exhausting, but today, I felt hope.

Myself and Theo attended an appointment with Theo’s consultant and dermatologist. During which we discussed a new treatment plan for his problematic skin. We then came up with a new regime which I hope will give him some relief.

Then we discussed food… there are several foods that will need to be reintroduced to Theo over the next few years. The one I have been keen on trialing is soya.

I feared suggesting a trial, but when I bit the bullet and asked whether they would support my choice, they fully agreed, what a relief!

Theo already tolerates soya lecithin, which is classed at being at the bottom of the soya ‘ladder’. I feel confident that with super slow introduction we may eventually be able to tick soya off the list.

Are you an allergy mummy, or do you suffer from allergies yourself? Do you have any tips regarding reintroduction you’d like to share? Comment below!

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