My Experience With VSL#3.

Over the past year or so I have suffered with symptoms similar to IBS. These symptoms include intermittent bouts of bloating and pain and often leave me feeling run down and irritable.

When I say bloating, I don’t mean the kind of bloating you get after an all you can eat buffet. I mean eating a snack and feeling like you’ve had three courses, its debilitating.

I’m fully aware that the symptoms I am experiencing are somewhat self-inflicted. I can often be found drinking fizzy full sugar drinks and eating convenience food and I regularly forgo rest for working. These habits, alongside high stress levels, have cost me my health over recent months. It wasn’t until recently that I mustered the willpower to do anything about it.

When the opportunity arose to trial the VSL#3 Poly-Biotic Food Supplement I was keen to discover if a supplement would benefit my journey back to reasonable health. VSL#3 contains 450 billion good bacteria from 8 different strains in every sachet. This is more strains and bacteria than leading brands such as Actimel and Symprove.

The bacteria in VSL#3 is freeze-dried which means it only ‘wakes up’ in your gut, where they help to maintain the balance of the body’s natural bacteria, forming a protective barrier and also aiding digestion of certain foods. It’s also gluten, lactose and soya free.

Each daily dose of VSL#3 comes in sachet form and although the food supplement should be stored in a fridge, it can be kept at room temperature for up to 7 days, making the sachet’s really handy for popping in your handbag if you are away from home.

I was not expecting miracles, and knew that supplements such as VSL#3 can have varied results. I’m pleased to report that by the end of my month’s trial of VSL#3 I had begun to notice improvements. Both in the level of bloating I was suffering from and in the pain that came with it.

I feel taking VSL#3 alongside a (greatly improved) healthy diet has really helped to alleviate the IBS like symptoms I was suffering from. I’m hoping to introduce the food supplement to Theo’s diet in the future in the hope of it benefiting him in a similar way.

VSL#3 is available to purchase here. 10 sachet’s costs just £14.95, what are you waiting for?

Are you looking to improve your gut health? Which symptoms do you suffer from the most? Let me know below.

This post is sponsored by VSL#3 – all opinions are my own.