EZVIZ Mini O Plus Smart Home Security Camera Review.

There is no escaping the fact that in this day and age the need to protect our homes and belongings is greater than ever before. My recent scamming experience taught me that you can never be too careful. Since then I have made a conscious effort to try to protect my data and my home. When AO offered me the opportunity to review the EZVIZ Mini O Plus Smart Home Security Camera I jumped at the chance to add an extra layer of security to my home.

The EZVIZ Mini O Plus really is mini.

It’s small size allows it to sit neatly wherever you require surveillance. Our EZVIZ Mini O Plus camera sits on our windowsill, looking out onto the driveway. This smart security camera can be controlled using a smart phone app or laptop. The EZVIZ smart phone app allows you to watch live when you are out and about. The EZVIZ Mini O Plus camera is incredibly easy to set up. However, I did experience a few issues when attempting to connect the camera to WiFi. I rectified the issue by updating the iPhone app and resetting the camera.

The EZVIZ Mini O Plus records in full HD.

It also allows you to talk and listen to people remotely using two-way audio. I think the EZVIZ Mini O Plus is fantastic. I use the camera to keep an eye on our new dog Millie when I am not at home and if I am away overnight I point it towards the window to keep watch over the perimeter of our home. My favourite thing about the EZVIZ Mini O Plus is that you can enable motion detection notifications via the app. If motion is picked up by the camera, a notification appears on my iPhone within seconds.

I am a single Mum and I do worry about intruders, so it’s reassuring to know that I have an extra set of eyes keeping an eye on our home. AO offers fast delivery and a wide range of home tech items including the Candy Bianca washing machine. I highly recommend this smart camera to anyone who is looking for affordable home security.

We were very kindly gifted the EZVIZ Mini O Plus WiFi Smart Home Security Camera in return for an honest review. All views and opinions are my own.

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EZVIZ Mini O Plus WiFi Smart Home Security Camera