Mia’s Fairy Kitchen Garden AD – GIFTED.

It’s that time of year again. The sun has begun to shine a little brighter, spring is in the air and, if you are anything like me, you desperately want to get out in the garden again. The problem is, appearances can be deceiving and despite the sunshine and fresh air, gardening can still be a little tricky. Mia loves nothing more than helping me in the garden, but the ground is just too wet, so when we were very kindly gifted a Fairy Kitchen Garden (aff) she was over the moon.

The Fairy Kitchen Garden allows children to grow their own pea shoots from within the comfort of their home. We tried and failed to grow tomatoes and strawberries last year so I hoped that this time it would be a case of third time lucky.

Mia's Fairy Kitchen Garden AD - GIFTED

Everything you need to set up your own windowsill garden is included in the box other than soil, which can be purchased from most supermarkets or hardware stores at this time of year.

The box includes 1 planter, miniature picket fencing, a little fairy, a fairy house, and pea shoot seeds. The Fairy Kitchen Garden is simple to construct, however, adult supervision is required to attach the miniature picket fencing to the planter. Its small size makes it fiddly to slot into the holes.

Once we had managed to attach the fencing to the planter, we filled the planter with soil. Thankfully I already had soil in the shed.

I didn’t realise before opening the box that soil would be required so I would have had a very annoyed daughter if I wasn’t already planning lots of planting over the coming months.

Mia's Fairy Kitchen Garden AD - GIFTED

It’s important not to over fill your planter. We filled half the planter with soil before attaching the doors and windows to the fairy house and placing it on top of the soil as instructed.

The beautifully delicate fairy perches perfectly on the picket fence and can also kneel on the soil. It’s a lovely little addition to the set, even Millie (our dog) wanted to get involved in constructing our Fairy Kitchen Garden. The good news is, the kitchen windowsill is well out of her reach!

Mia's Fairy Kitchen Garden AD - GIFTED

I think the Fairy Kitchen Garden is fantastic. It is perfect for green fingered children during the colder months, or those who lack outdoor facilities. I think a small amount of soil should be included as it is not something people have to hand, however, given the size of the set and it’s packaging, I can understand why it is not.

Mia’s 8th birthday is just weeks away and I will definitely be looking into the other sets available such as the Unicorn Garden (aff) and Lilypad Garden (aff). My favorite is the Watering Can Garden (aff).

We were very kindly giftedย the Fairy Kitchen Garden in return for an honest review. All views and opinions are my own.

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Mia's Fairy Kitchen Garden AD - GIFTED