Three Fantastic Books Your Children Will Love.

As a family, we love reading. I’ve always enjoyed getting stuck into a good book. The children’s bedroom is filled with fantastic books of all shapes and sizes. Mia spends every moment she can with her nose in a book whereas Theo needs a little more encouragement with reading, he seems to prefer interactive learning tools.

When he does pick up a book to read, it’s nearly always based on superheroes. He also enjoys unique books such as Theo And The Blaze Catch Crusher. Recently we were kindly sent a small selection of fantastic books for the children written by a variety of authors. It’s safe to say we (Theo included) have thoroughly enjoyed every single one.

Today I’d like to share with you all exactly why we love these books so much.

Dear Earthling: Cosmic Correspondent by Pen Avey (aff) is a story written by a Norfolk author called Pen Avey. In Dear Earthling: Cosmic Correspondent, Pen Avey uses science and reading to tell a story that is both funny and enchanting. I won’t spoil the plot for you, but I can tell you that your children will love hearing/reading all about Dethbert’s adventures with his pet chickensnail Precious and his robot best friend Andi Social.

Both Mia and Theo enjoy Dear Earthling, it has become a bedtime routine must have.

Scott and the Runaway Sock (aff) is the first children’s book written by author Niall Cunniffe. I can’t help but wonder, why didn’t he write a children’s book sooner? Niall Cunniffe studied at the University of East Anglia, just a short distance away from where we live. He has won award’s for cartoon’s and won a Young Filmmaker Of The Year award in 2011. He is a very talented man indeed and Scott and the Runaway Sock is a fantastic example of his creative abilities.

Scott and the Runaway Sock highlights the importance of friendship in a way that children can understand and engage with. Scott the sock and his best friend Stitch are quite literally inseparable until Stitch runs away and leaves Scott with a dilemma. What will he do?

Scott and the Runaway Sock is guaranteed to make the whole family smile.

Now I know it’s January, but it’s not too early to start planning for Christmas 2019. Many parents like to create a book advent for their children. In the lead up to the big day, children get to open a book a day to read and enjoy with their loved ones. Santa Goes On Strike (aff) is perfect for advents, and if your children are anything like mine, they will enjoy it all year round!

Written by author and songwriter Jem Vanston from South Wales, Santa Goes On Strike tells the story of a tired and quite frankly fed up Santa who decides to hang up his jingle bells and go on strike. With Santa refusing to deliver presents, what will the reindeer do?

Santa Goes On Strike is a poem sure to get you into the Christmas spirit at any time of the year, it’s charming, heart-warming and incredibly funny. Both Mia and Theo love a festive story and Santa Goes On Strike has won their seal of approval.

The book also aims to raise awareness of depression.

As long-term readers will know, mental health is a topic very close to my heart. I think making children aware of mental health difficulties can be hugely beneficial to their emotional wellbeing in later life.

Add the titles mentioned above to your bookshelf and watch in wonder as the smiles and giggles stretch across the faces of your children. Mia is my little bookworm and loves nothing more than reading fantastic books, so if she loves them, it’s pretty much guaranteed that your child will too! Read one or all of these books? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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