I’ll Take The Fine – Term Time Holidays.

If you haven’t seen the latest news regarding the law’s on withdrawing children from school for term time holidays, where have you been? It’s a topic that has been highly debated by parent’s and professionals alike. Personally I have refrained from commenting on the subject for fear of judgement, until now.

You see, I do not have the financial capabilities to take my children to exotic destinations. Nor do I drive a vehicle to give them a weekend by the sea. But if by some miracle I managed to achieve one or both of the above, I would take them wherever our hearts desired without a second thought.

Theoย is yet to begin full-time education but attends nursery 5 days a week. He loves exploring and discovering new places. Mia is in her second year of infants school, her attendance is excellent. She is making astounding progress, she’s literate and also very creative. She’s the kind of girl who is easy to please. Give her the sea breeze and her imagination will run wild…

Education isn’t just pen and paper.

From start to finish, holidays are a fountain of knowledge. New sights, new smells, new cultures, for children it’s all fresh and exciting. They learn so much, from stepping onto a plane to feeling fine exotic sand between their toes, and they don’t even know it, they are just having fun!

For me it’s not about the astonishing difference in price, it’s about freedom.

Children who are home schooled do not have such restrictions set upon them so why should children who attend a formal education setting? As parents, we should be the judge of our child’s well-being.

I have allowed Mia to have a day off school in the past for a day trip to see a show. It was a show she adored and still talks about months later, tell me, what harm did that do?

If and when the opportunity arises, I will without a doubt take my children away during term-time. I’ll take the flack, I’ll pay the fine, and I’ll feel nothing other than pride and contentment. For when my children discuss our adventures, they’ll be discussing experiences many other’s wouldn’t have had. They’ll be teaching other’s what they’ve learnt, their mind’s completely engrossed by the visions they have seen.

That kind of education is second to none, experiences become memories, and memories like that are priceless.

Of course, if my child was struggling at school, or if their attendance had already been affected by illness, I would perhaps consider a more appropriate time to travel. I’m not irresponsible, I have my children’s best interests at heart, but I will not be dictated to by the need to fulfill statistics and meet targets.

Would you pay the fine? Or do you keep holidays for the holidays? Let me know below.