Super Healthy Microwave Granola – Panasonic Combination Microwaves.

Microwaves… we love to hate them don’t we?

I couldn’t be without mine, it brings ease and convenience to my often chaotic evenings. Admittedly, I’m a little naughty. I tend to cook the children homemade meals in the oven before popping something quick, easy, and often unhealthy into the microwave for myself.

Microwaves in UK by Panasonic have recently unveiled a range of combination microwaves. These microwaves combine the power to steam, grill, bake and microwave food whilst retaining vitamins and keeping meals healthier, and tastier!

An integrated combination microwave can help you roast a chicken and even bake a cake for dessert all while taking up a fraction of the space of an oven.

Lynne New from New Mummy Blog told me ‘I love microwave scrambled egg with tomato in a sandwich. (I always make it in the microwave) or chicken, pepper and cheese wraps heated in the microwave. Cake wise a microwave mug cake is always a fab thing my toddler and I do together when we (I) just want a little cake (not entirely healthy, but it’s much smaller than a normal cake’

The possibilities are endless!

To celebrate the recently unveiled range of Panasonic microwaves I have created a super healthy microwave granola recipe for you all.

microwave granola

Easy Microwave Granola.

You will need –

3 tbsp honey.
2 tbsp water.
2 tbsp oil.
8 tbsp oats.
3 tbsp mixed nuts, I used macadamia nuts and almonds.
2 tbsp sultanas.

This microwave granola recipe is fool-proof, a bowl/mug, a microwave and a spoon are all the equipment you need.

Simply combine the honey, water and oil in a bowl/mug. Once combined add the mixed nuts, oats and sultanas. Give the mixture a good stir. Pop into the microwave for three minutes, remove and stir again, then microwave for another 3 minutes.

Once cooled, store in an airtight container for 10-12 days.
Serve with milk or natural yogurt.

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microwave granola recipe


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