The Hidden Dangers Of Allergy/Asthma Medication By Kate Henaghan-Sykes.

This post is written by the fabulous Kate Henaghan-Sykes from Ellie’s Journey To A Happy Ever After.

Kate and little Ellie had one hell of a rough ride with photo aggravated eczema and solar urticaria. Ellie is also allergic to peanuts, peas, eggs, and beans. Here she tells us about the devastating effect Ellie’s many medications have had on her dental health.

I’m writing this as a warning. A warning to other parents who have willingly given their child medication without realising the impact it can have on their dental health.

I speak as a Mum whose daughter has recently had to have no less than EIGHT milk teeth extracted under general anaesthetic.

To rewind a bit, my daughter had a bed time routine that consisted of bath, brush teeth than creams and medication. Every night she would have her steroid inhaler, a medication called hydroxyzine, montelukast and some other medications.

I didn’t realise that this combination of medication could have a serious impact on her teeth.

In the space of one year, after receiving a clean bill of dental health previously, her teeth were now damaged beyond repair. I felt so so guilty. I examined her diet and her tooth brushing technique. It was incomprehensible. All of my other children had perfect teeth! Where had I gone wrong?

A referral was made from our dentist to a special care dentist. A number of things were flagged up. Based on our current regime, she was fighting a loosing battle.

I found out that –

  • Inhalers will dry mouth – promoting the production of bacteria which in turn will cause cavities.
  • Hydroxyzine contains a high amount of sucrose (sugar) which causes cavities.
  • Mouth breathing due to rhinitis causes dry mouth and increase risk of cavities.
  • Discussing fluoride content in toothpaste with you dentist to see if your child could benefit from a higher amount, I hadn’t realised just how low the fluoride content is in some children’s toothpaste.

Speak to your dentist about the medications your child is taking. Ask them to recommend a tooth care regime to follow fluoride varnish on the teeth could benefit any weakened areas.

A few small tweaks to her night-time routine and dental care would have made a huge difference and saved her from a lot of pain and discomfort. I can’t change things for her but I can ask others to take note and revise their routines if needed.