Hopster TV App For Kids Review.

The fact that I don’t limit screen time is not something I am ashamed of, it is something I’ve written about on more than one occasion here on the blog. My most recent post about screen time was unlimited screen time does not make me a lazy parent. Screen time is a hugely controversial topic. In my opinion, screen time can be hugely beneficial for children. Recently we were invited to try out the Hopster TV app, an educational, completely child friendly app suitable for ages 2-6.

The Hopster TV app allows your child to stream award-winning TV shows, play fun and educational games and listen to audio books, eBooks and music. The app requires minimal parental input as there are no ad’s. Children are free to browse the five areas available for them to use which are –

  • TV shows.
  • Create.
  • Books.
  • Games.
  • Music.

For just £4.99 per month, your child can access the Hopster TV app, available to watch offline at any time. The app is not currently available on Amazon Fire Tablets, but the brains behind Hopster are hoping that this will change very soon. The Hopster TV app is available from the App Store and Google Play. It is also available on the Amazon Fire TV Stick and Apple TV.

I couldn’t wait to see what Theo thought of Hopster, and if I’m honest, I couldn’t wait for a break from other TV apps such as Disney Life and Netflix. Mia recently turned seven, therefore she is slightly above the suitable age range, but I knew she’d enjoy exploring the app with her brother.

I was pleasantly surprised to find books such as Paddington Bear and The Tiger That Came To Tea available. It is refreshing to see classic titles available on such a modern platform. Mia is particularly fond of reading. She loved browsing the range of titles available. Especially as some of her favourites from her younger years are available for her to read to her brother.

Theo will soon finish his first year at school and is currently getting to grips with learning to read and write using phonics. The games available on Hopster are based around phonics and numbers, therefore it is perfect for aiding his learning at home. The beauty of Hopster is that Theo has so much fun, that he doesn’t even realise he is learning. He thoroughly enjoys playing the games available. It’s lovely to see how much he has learnt since he started school 9 months ago.

What I love most about Hopster is that both children easily find their way around the app without any help or guidance from me, allowing me to get on with household jobs or relax a little whilst they learn.

I can’t wait for Hopster to become available on Amazon Fire Tablets – until then we will be making the most of our subscription on our TV and my iPad when I’m not using it for work.

Hopster has made learning at home easier and fun, Hopster time is family time.

We were gifted a 12 month subscription to Hopster TV app in return for an honest review. All views and opinions are my own.

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Hopster TV App - Making Learning Fun For Kids