Why I’ve Decided To Embrace The Hygge Hype Just In Time For Christmas.

Recently I have been making a conscious effort to spend less time doing and more time just being. I want to enjoy my home, my children and my life far more than I have been in recent months. Christmas is fast approaching and now, more than ever, I want to savour every moment. I want to be content within my surroundings and enjoy every moment of the festive season and 2019 with my children, family and friends. Christmas can be an incredibly stressful time for many and I’m determined to make this Christmas the most stress free Christmas we’ve ever had. So I have decided to adapt my home and lifestyle and embrace hygge.

Hygge (pronounced hue-guh) is the art of creating intimacy either with yourself, friends or your home.

Regular readers will know that I believe that self-care is vital. Hygge is a method of self-care that I can put it into practice at anytime, even without my self-care toolkit. Your self-care toolkit should contain several tools perfect for embracing the hygge way of life, however it is not vital for taking care of yourself and making your environment calm and welcoming. Hygge living is good for your soul and can benefit both your physical and mental health. Hygge does not mean you need to overhaul every aspect of your life. You can simply practice small acts such as making time for home comforts like morning coffees or lighting candles. Simple things like this can lift your spirits hugely.

The Danes see all aspects of life as an art form and not something that we constantly feel the need to escape from, how wonderful is that?  On tough days, I look forward to dimming the lights and relaxing with my favourite pudding in the evenings. Several simple rituals have completely transformed my outlook on life and general mood. My mind, my home and my family have reaped the benefits of hygee.

Incorporating hygge into my life was easy.

I found that actually, I had been practicing hygge in many ways without even realising I was doing so. Over the past few months I have made small changes that have had a huge impact on how I enjoy my home and my own company. I covered our cold leather sofas with soft throws. I also began lighting the candles that were dotted around the living room more often. These days, the candles are lit as soon as the sun sets. All three beds and both sofas are scattered with soft and cosy cushions, which the children love throwing off the sofas as soon as they enter the room.

I’ve well and truly embraced winter. The central heating is on as often as it needs to be and the three of us are drinking as much hot cocoa as we can stomach each evening! I have always enjoyed wrapping myself up in a cosy blanket and reading a good book or writing a blog post and lately I have been lighting the candles and playing my favourite music in the background which really helps me to relax when reading or writing.

As Christmas draws closer, I’ve found myself enjoying the simple things more than I ever have before.

Our Christmas tree went up earlier than planned and I’m so pleased it did. I love the soft glow of the Christmas tree lights. As a family we have enjoyed family meals more often. I’ve made time just to enjoy the company of my children rather than worrying about everything else I need to do. Instead of checking my emails, I’m playing noughts and crosses with the children before school. I’ve also decluttered and manoeuvred some of the furniture and belongings in my bedroom to make it feel cosier.

I often feel like I’m running on empty. Juggling two children with full-time self employment means that my life is very busy. Some days I don’t sit down until the children are in bed, but now that I am making time for me, for us, and for our home I have found myself relaxing more. Of course, some days are hectic, some days the children leave me feeling defeated and frustrated, but I’m not sweating the small stuff so much. I’m looking forward to the evenings, I’m taking things a little slower, not putting myself under quite so much pressure.

I wish I’d embraced Hygge sooner.

The slower pace of living has benefited me in so many ways. I’m not claiming that hygge has transformed my life. Of course it hasn’t, but it has certainly made a positive impact on my ability to relax, eat, sleep, and enjoy my home and children. I’m so glad that I made these changes before the festive season truly began. I hope I continue to reap the benefits over the coming months.

Hygge isn’t expensive. Hygge is all about using your senses to absorb the simple things. Of course, making your home cosier and more inviting does come at a price, but even the smallest and cheapest changes and additions to your home can have a huge impact on your well-being. Take a look around, Hygge is everywhere, you just need to see it.

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Why I've Decided To Embrace The Hygge Hype Just In Time For Christmas