I Found A Lump.

As someone with health anxiety – I often jump to the worst possible conclusion.

Whenever the children have a cold or a cough, I worry endlessly that it’ll develop into something more. If a slight rash appears I am the first one on the scene with a glass in one hand and my phone in the other, ready to call for help if needed.

We often see posts on social media reminding us to check our boobs from charity’s such as Coppafeel. I’m hugely ashamed to admit I very rarely do – despite a family history of various cancers, I barely remember to feed myself some days, let alone check my body for lumps and bumps.

I always put the children’s needs first, never my own. Not until a few days ago.

It was a normal Saturday night – the children were having a sleepover with Nanny and I was spending time with friends. I went to the bathroom to get changed and that’s when I spotted them…

Five pea sized lumps between my boobs and my armpits.

I felt sick, my anxious mind went into over drive. You see, this wasn’t the first change I’d noticed. I’ve been experiencing odd changes for the past 18 months – but with running a home, being self-employed and bringing up two children on my own, I constantly put visiting the GP to the bottom of my to-do list.

I got myself checked out when the changes first started occurring and was just given cream, and I hadn’t been back since.

I know getting checked out again should have taken priority over absolutely everything else. But it just didn’t. Upon discover of the lumps on Saturday, I took myself along to the GP with a million different possibilities running through my head.

Could it be down to hormones, stress maybe? What if I’ve left it too long, what if it’s the worst?

Thankfully, I’m in the clear. The changes I have experienced are still as yet undiagnosed, but I don’t have breast cancer. The lumps are cysts.

Upon hearing the news, a wave of relief swept over me. I hadn’t realised quite how scared I was.

My happy ending could have been much different – my scare has changed my outlook on looking after myself. From this day forward I will be making myself a priority, not just the kids.

I wanted to take this opportunity, whilst venting my feelings on it all, to remind you to CHECK YOUR BOOBS.

Not once in a while, not once a month, every day. It take’s less than a minute and could save your life. I didn’t think it would happen to me, and it has. If you don’t do it for you, do it for your children.

Get to know your boobs – find help and advice on the Coppafeel website.

You can also find some top tips for coping with anxiety here.

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I found a lump...





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