Is My Child Too Young For Nursery?

Is My Child Too Young For Nursery?

A question all parents eventually ask and one with no simple answer; is my child too young for nursery? Knowing whether or not your child is ready for nursery is tough but it’s something only you can really figure out. For many, it’s not a case of whether the child is ready as such, but more of a necessity thanks to the demands of a career. For others, it’s more about getting your child ready for big school by familiarising them with a structured learning environment and socialising with other children their age. Read on for some guidance from a private nursery in Hertfordshire.

First thing’s first; whatever age you choose to send your child to nursery, there will be a unique set of advantages and disadvantages which will always balance out. Generally, the youngest age a baby can start nursery is three months old, but some nurseries will accept even younger. If you want to send your baby to nursery when they are younger than a year old, be sure to choose very carefully; you’ll need to ensure your child is getting as much personal care and attention as they need.

You may find that if you wait until your child is older than a year, they might struggle a little more with being separated from you, as they will have become so used to it. With that said, most children start nursery between the age of 2 and 3, when they are starting to become independent and able to keep themselves busy.

There is absolutely no pressure for parents to even send their child to nursery at all if they don’t feel comfortable with it. The choice is entirely dependent on your own personal circumstances, just be sure to do lots of research before you make a decision so that you are confident you’ve done the right thing. There are parent and baby groups you could join to introduce your little one to the idea of learning and socialising with other children, whilst you are still nearby. Don’t be afraid to seek professional advice should you feel you need it.



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