Jack & The Worry Wizard Review.

Is your child a worrier? Mine is!

Although just 6, Mia has a very mature mind. She worries about everything, from her little brother to whether or not I’ve put the bins out or not. I admit, sometimes it drives me a little insane. I’ve discussed her sensitivity in a previous post, Raising A Sensitive Child –  My Daughter Is Delicate.

Her school is fabulous and she often participates in ‘drawing and talking’ which I think has been a tremendous help.

I also try to make sure I take time to have a one-to-one chat with her everyday. This gives her a chance to vocalize anything that is on her mind.

In Mia’s world, every little thing becomes something much bigger and that is exactly what happens to Jack in Jack & The Worry Wizard.

With big text, fun illustrations and only a few pages, Jack & The Worry Wizard is great for younger children.

The book discusses the pressure we feel when we are worried, and how that pressure goes away when our problems are shared. When Mia finished reading the book to me she said ‘I feel better when I talk to you Mummy’.

Jack & The Worry Wizard is a great tool for discussing basic mental health with young children, written by Amy Smythe, an accredited counsellor and psychotherapist with over ten years experience in the private practice and charity sector.

I think Jack & The Worry Wizard is going to be a vital book for us in the months/years to come as the children grow up. I strongly recommend it to any parents/guardians with a little worrier on their hands.