3 Kitchen Design Details People Always Forget.

On the face of it, redesigning a kitchen seems pretty easy. Just choose some cabinets, and new appliances and you’re done. But in reality, there’s a lot more to it than that. There are so many tiny details that are easy to forget about and it’s those details that make a mediocre kitchen into an amazing one. Getting those details wrong can also push up the price of your kitchen which is bad news when you’re trying to do it on a budget. Before you start ripping the old kitchen out and putting the new one in, make sure you haven’t forgotten about any of these details.


The backsplash is the design on the walls that goes behind the cooker top and around the walls in the rest of the kitchen. People rarely think about it that much but you need to. It makes up part of the wall so if you don’t match it to the rest of the decor, it’ll end up looking out-of-place and could ruin the whole aesthetic of the kitchen. As well as being a cosmetic feature, it’s also functional. It’s there to stop any splashes of oil or sauce from getting on the walls when you’re cooking. It’s this functionality that people often forget about but if you don’t put a backsplash in, you’ll be constantly battling to keep the walls clean and you’ll probably have to repaint regularly to get rid of any stains. There are some nice granite ones available but they can be pretty expensive. If you’re trying to keep costs down, a metal one will work fine and it’ll go well with the cooker top.


Radiators are, first and foremost, a functional item. They’re there to heat the room when it’s cold. But they’re a fixture in the room so you have to consider the design. If you just go with a cheap, standard radiator, it might not match the rest of the fixtures and fittings and it could ruin the kitchen. You can get some more interesting designs like these ones from Only Radiators that will fit better with the rest of the decor. You should think of the radiator like a piece of furniture rather than a purely functional item and match it accordingly.

Electrical Outlets

You need electrical outlets in the kitchen to plug everything in but they’re not always the most attractive feature. Put too many in and you could ruin the design entirely. However, if you try to scale back on them too much, the kitchen won’t be practical and you’ll end up getting frustrated when you’re trying to cook. The best thing to do when you’re designing the kitchen is think about where things will go and how you’ll use the kitchen and then place the outlets where you need them, hiding them where possible.

If you forget these small details when you’re designing your kitchen, it won’t be as easy for you to cook in there and the decor will always be missing something.

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3 Kitchen Design Details People Always Forget