Kitty Surprise Review.

What six-year-old child wouldn’t love a fluffy cat with her very own little kittens, and what parent wouldn’t love one that doesn’t come with the messy litter tray and cat hair everywhere?

Meet Kitty Surprise, an adorable cuddly cat with her own litter! There could be two, three or even five kittens hiding inside Mummy cat’s pouch, boys, girls, or even twins!

These adorable feline families come in a variety of colours with different hairstyles. All ready to be loved, groomed and nurtured by an adoring child.

kitty surprise review

Anyone who knows Mia personally will know she adores anything sparkly or fluffy – she’s a real girly girl! When she clapped eyes on her very own Kitty Surprise she squealed in delight and tore open the box.

Mia loves a surprise. She couldn’t wait to open up Mummy cat’s pouch and find out how many kittens were inside. Can you imagine her delight when she discovered three little girl kittens?!

Mummy cat and her litter have not been left alone since! They go to bed with Mia, they eat breakfast with Mia, she is a doting owner!

What I love most about Kitty Surprise (Flair PLC RRP £27.99) is how it teaches children that animals and humans alike nurture their young, Mia asked lots of questions about how cat’s look after their kittens and recognised the similarities between human’s and animal’s.

Kitty Surprise is a really simple, and adorable, way to educate children about animal care and is also available in a puppy variety, Puppy Surpise.

A lovely gift for young children, will you be putting Kitty Surprise on your Christmas list?