A Letter To My Daughter…

You were just 2 and a half years old when your little brother came along, you were used to having all of Mummy’s and Daddy’s attention and never having to share.

You were so excited for his arrival, and you adored him from day one. I will never forget your face when you first laid eyes on him – I knew from that moment on you and Theo were going to have a very special bond.ย It was apparent quite quickly that your brother was going to be a handful!

From day one you watched and sometimes even laughed when he covered Mummy and Daddy in projectile vomit and somehow, you sleptย through the endless nights of him screaming for hours on end.

You have never lost patience with him, never teased or resented him. So very quickly you learnt that lots of different foods made him poorly and that he couldn’t help scratching his delicate skin. You took everything on board, more so than I ever realised, and now your brother is nearly 3 years old and look at you both, you are best friends.

I’ve never seen a child so fiercely protective of their sibling, so loving and understanding.

I want to thank you, my princess, for everything you do. Soon you will be 5 years old and yet sometimes when I look at you, I see a child much older.

Thank you for being such a super star, for helping as much as you can when your brother is poorly, for never complaining, for giving me big cuddles when you can see I need one. For being my best friend and my sidekick.

One day your brother will be old enough to understand all his medical issues, he’ll understand what caring for him requires on a daily basis and he’ll remember who was there for him through it all, his big sister.

I look forward to what the future brings, watching you and your brother grow up together, something tells me your going to be something wonderful when your grown up, maybe even a nurse!

I can just tell you’ll go far in life, but your baby brother will never be far from your mind.

I love you, my darling Mia.

You are the most perfect daughter and sister.

Thank you for being you.