Lighter Home, Lighter Mind #Ad

As adults, finding time to look after our mental health can be tricky. Even if we load ourselves with the tools we need for self-care, make time for ourselves and do things that we enjoy, positive mental health can still be a struggle sometimes. When we have exhausted all of our usual options, it’s time to think outside the box.

There are so many different things you can do to give your well-being and mental health a much needed boost. None of which are extravagent or expensive, the older I get the more I realise that keeping it simple is nearly always effective.

Take sleep for example, its free and nearly alway required! A quick 30 minute nap could change your entire outlook on your day. Sleeping allows both our bodies and our minds to reset, recharge and recouperate. Mental health can often stem from a lack of, difficulty or restless sleep so if your feeling flat, make time for a nap.

Another free and easy way of giving your mental health a boost is exercise. A brisk walk or a short jog will release some much needed endorphins, which are proven to have a postive impact on our mental wellbeing. Why don’t you take a walk with a few friends, a friendly face and a stroll could brighten your entire day.

What many do not realise is, your home can have massively impact your mental health. If your home is cluttered, you can easily become claustrophobic, or if your anxieties are centered around keeping your home neat, tidy and clean, that anxiety can consume you. It can be a struggle to keep on top of household chores, and the atmosphere of your home can also cause your mental health to dip. There are so many different factors centered around your home that can impact your wellbeing, and it’s important to ensure that your home is a sanctuary rather than a trigger.

Even lighting can effect your mood, do you let enough light in? If the main room of your home is dark and dingy, it will make you feel utterly rubbish. As this is the room that you spend the most time in either on your own or as a family, creating the right atmosphere and ensuring the room is well lit with a positive vibe should be at the top of your list of priorities. Cheap windows are readily available, and soft furnishings that create a lighter, more relaxed feel are available at very reasonable prices.

I swapped heavy lined curtains for cream blinds and light grey voiles and the difference was massive. This simple swap made our living room feel bigger and lighter, but at the same time, cosier and more serene. I also always ensure that I use light paint colours when decorating, I have used mostly pastels, light greens and light grey tones throughout our home which makes the whole house feel brighter, even when the weather is dark and gloomy. The difference a little bit of light and interior know-how is phenomenal, and I’d highly recommend analysing your home when considering ways to improve and/or boost your mental health and the wellbeing of your family.

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