Use Quarantine To Organise Your Loft.

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Now that we are stuck in the house for a while longer, it is time to think of the odd jobs we can do around the house and garden to make the most of quarantine time. 

One part of the house that is always neglected and forgotten about is the loft, and this is the perfect candidate for a quarantine spruce up in the next few weeks. Today we want to guide you through the best ways to clear out and organise your loft to make the most of the space. 

1. Store strategically 

When you first decide to store items in your loft you will need loft boarding that can hold everything safely, you can find out more about this and get your loft ready for storage of all of your important goods. It is crucial when storing items in the loft that you think about everything that is being stored. There’s no point storing boxes of old books or ornaments that you will never use again, because it will take up valuable space. Before putting anything in the loft it needs to pass your test. 

Is it useful? 

Is it sentimental? 

Is it for the future?

2. Turn it into a room 

Most people’s lofts are dusty, bare, and look like some sort of medieval dungeon, but this shouldn’t be the case. The loft is a room of your house like every other room, and you should take the time to treat it as such. Once you have boarded out the loft, lay a simple laminate floor or paint the boards a bright colour such as yellow. Plasterboard the walls and ceiling and paint them white to make the loft feel like an extension of your house. Not only will it be a good DIY job but it will also ensure that the things you store in here stay clean and free from pests.

3. Built-in storage 

Most loft spaces have a roof which is diagonal, and this can make storage units a bit difficult to bring into the room. This is why a great way to make the most of every inch of space you have is to create integrated storage units that run up the walls with the diagonal. You can easily do this with a few pieces of plywood and make shelves for your items. 

 4. Write it out 

When planning the organisation of your loft, the vest method is to list the things you will be storing. Things such as Christmas decorations, books, furniture, cables, and odds and sods can be written down to allow you to plan where they will go. Be sure when storing items that you store things in the right way. For example, fabric such as soft toys need to be kept in an airtight space to avoid moisture. Cables should be rolled up to avoid tangling, and Christmas decorations need to be kept together to make life easier for you as December comes around.

Use these simple tips to get to grips with your loft and ensure that you make the most of this part of the home. 

quarantine, loft, organise, home, lockdown, productivity

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