5 Ways You Can Make Money From Blogging.

Want to make money from blogging? It’s not as easy as people may think, but it’s not impossible. There are several ways you can monetise your blog – but it take’s a lot of hard work and dedication. Owning and managing a blog doesn’t provide an income straight away, or even after a few months. Some bloggers are lucky enough to start earning money within the first year, however many won’t get their first paid work until their blog is fully established.

Below I have noted down a few examples of how you can earn money from your blog once you are in a position to make blogging your job, rather than a hobby. The examples listed below are the main sources of income for bloggers. Finding work is almost impossible if you don’t know where to look. With that in mind I hope to publish a post with more info on where to find blog campaigns/sponsored content very soon. Stay tuned if this is something that interests you.

  1. Sponsored posts/link placement. Sponsored content is usually pre-written with a link hosted by you to promote on behalf of a brand or business. Sometimes sponsored content is written by the blog owner. The fee paid for sponsored content ranges depending on a number of factors. These include whether or not the sponsored content is pre-written or not, and how much budget a brand has available. Some companies may simply wish to have a link placed in an existing article, this is called link placement. The fee paid for link placement is usually less than that paid for a sponsored article.
  2. Affiliate schemes. Many businesses have an affiliate scheme. An affiliate scheme is where content creators can place links which, when clicked on to make a purchase, earn the creator a small commission. If you’re looking to earn a consistent income from your blog, then affiliate schemes aren’t for you. In the two years that I have been a member of the Amazon Affiliate Scheme I have earned less than £10. Of course every penny counts so it is always worthwhile including affiliate links in posts if you are a member of a relevant scheme. Make sure you disclose any affiliate links to your readers).
  3. Advertising. Many brands are willing to pay a fee for advert placement.  The fee varies depending on the bloggers personal rates. Usually the advert is placed for a set period, for example six months. I offer sidebar advertising and header and footer advertising. This means that brands can place an advert at the top or bottom of my blog, or in the sidebar. The fee varies depending on the size and placement of the advert. If you want to place adverts in your blog, offer this service to relevant brands. This is a great way of earning a lump sum quarterly/six-monthly/yearly.
  4. Social media promotion. Social media brings in the big bucks for brands both big and small. Apps such as Tribe allow influencers to apply for sponsored Instagram post opportunities. Many brands include social media posts (Facebook posts, Instagram posts and stories, Twitter mentions) in their requirements. Again, the fee for social media content depends on the agreement between a blogger and a brand. Sponsored social media content should always be disclosed as #ad #spon or #gifted if you have received a product as payment.
  5. Paid reviews. Brands sometimes offer payment alongside a product. This depends on a brands budget and campaign requirements. In my experience, payment as well as product is rare but it’s always worth asking brands if a budget is available. Often brands are happy to gift high value products in return for an honest review. Some brands offer a product and have a list of requirements such as social media promotion and link placement which they should offer an additional fee for, but this depends on the size of the brand and the budget available.

Harriet from Toby & Roo recently published a great basic list of technical essentials for blogging, and you can find my list of blogging essentials here. Make sure you check out the truth about blogging for further insight into the blogger lifestyle.

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5 Ways You Can Make Money From Blogging.