Mia is 9.

Mia is 9.

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It seems so surreal to even type this but, on Saturday, my not so little girl celebrated her ninth birthday! I know it’s a cliche, but it seems like only yesterday we celebrated her eighth birthday. 9 seems like such a big number, within touching distance of double figures. She is another year older, but still just as sassy.

In celebration of her ninth birthday I thought I’d write a little Mia update, now that she’s growing up she doesn’t feature on the blog/social media channels as much, but she’s still the life and soul of our home spreading her Mia magic wherever she goes…

From the moment Mia arrived in the world she made my life better in ways I could have never imagined. She was my surprise baby, she grew inside my tummy whilst I was blissfully unaware of her existence. The moment she was born, I looked at her perfect little face and her tiny little toes and I knew life would never be the same again.

The Peppa Pig obsessed pink, glittery, twirling princess is a distant memory. Nowadays it’s all about lip gloss and slogan t-shirts! She likes to refer to herself as a ‘sort of tomboy, sort of girly girl’. She’s not afraid to get covered in dirt and has ripped holes in her leggings and tights in more than one occasion, but she also loves putting on a pretty skirt and sitting in front of the mirror brushing her beautiful curly brown hair.

She reminds me of myself when I was younger in so many ways. People regularly say shes my double, but she has also got my attitude. I’d like to make an official apology to my mum because I know full well that she had to contend with a lot of attitude from me when I was Mia’s age. She’ll be pleased to know that I now understand why she drank wine. Mia’s got enough sass to rival a teenager, she is 9 going on 19! She’s quick with her comebacks and knows exactly what to do to wind up Theo and then make herself look innocent! Let’s just say, life with Mia is never, ever boring.

Long-term readers of this blog will know about Mia’s deep love of reading. She is my real-life Matilda, her mind is like a sponge. It soaks up every word, every detail, she completely immerses herself in her books and I’m determined that she’ll never lose her love of reading like I did when I hit my teenage years. Her favourite author at the moment is Jacqueline Wilson. I’ve been trying to get her reading Jacqueline’s books for years as I absolutely loved her books as a child but Mia was a little late to the party.

She’s only recently discovered Jacqueline Wilson and now she has, she regrets not reading her most popular titles sooner. Her favourites so far are ‘Wave Me Goodbye(aff) and ‘The Bed And Breakfast Star(aff). She also loves Michael Morpurgo and David Walliams. The only author she struggles with is Terry Pratchett, but I reckon she’ll love his books when shes a little older. She is only 9 after all.

She absolutely adores school, she idolises her teachers and has a lovely group of friends. The staff and children at her school love her just as much as she loves them, she’s the resident bookworm – in fact, she’s read 3,000,000 words in this academic year alone! I always worried that she’d struggle with moving up to ‘big school’ but it was the making of her. Her confidence has blossomed, she’s no longer shy, she’s just her. My magical Mia, creating smiles wherever she goes.

When Theo was younger, she was a Mother Hen. She followed him wherever she went and constantly showered him in affection. Now that they are a bit older, they aren’t nearly as affectionate but their love for each other is still obvious. I think it is because he was so vulnerable when he was younger, she took on a protective role and she’s never really shaken it off. They are still the best of friends and its lovely to watch their relationship mature as they mature in their own separate ways.

Mia is a simple soul. She doesn’t want huge gifts or gestures, she’s quite happy with the simple things in life. I think thats what I love most about her, she finds beauty in simplicity. That’s why I know she’ll make an amazing author when she grows up. She has decided she wants to be an author, if not an author then a teacher.

She makes me so unbelievably proud every single day. Despite her birthday falling in the duration of a global pandemic, she loved every single second of turning 9. She understands the need to stay home completely. I made the best of a rubbish situation by organising a video call with her closest friends. I sent each of them a little pamper pack and they all had a little pamper party together, despite having to stay apart. She absolutely loved it, she cried when I told her what I’d organised!

So on that note, I’ll end Mia’s annual birthday post here. It’s true what they say, a daughter is just a little girl that grows up to be your best friend. She may only be 9, but she’s my little best friend and I love her more than life itself.

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