Mia’s 8th Birthday Wish List AD – GIFTED.

Eight years, eight whole years since my beautiful Mia entered the world. How is that possible? Her 8th birthday is just around the corner. The older she gets, the harder she is to buy for. Last year she helped me to create a 7th birthday wish list, which really helped both her and I decide on gifts for her special day. The past year has been a huge year for her, she started junior school back in September and has transformed from a little girl to a wonderful young lady despite ridiculously high levels of sass! 

This year I am once again unsure as to what she’d want for her birthday. What do you buy a girl with simple tastes and a love of books? Other than more books, I was stumped, so together we created an 8th birthday wish list. Unfortunately, despite her pleading, I certainly cannot afford the pony she fell in love at a local farm park a few months ago (pictured above).

Mia’s 8th birthday wish list –

Mia absolutely loves Lego – especially the Lego Friends range. She has quite a few different sets already, but she absolutely loves the look of the Heartlake Summer Pool Party Set (aff).

Like most 8-year-old’s, Mia is very inquisitive. She has a thirst for information and wants to be a teacher when she grows up. I often find myself stumped when she asks me a question that I can’t answer! This book, National Geographic Kids Why? (aff) has the answers to over 1,111 weird or wonderful questions that children ask.

TX-30 Gioteck Stereo Gaming & Go Headset – I’m breaking the rules a little and including a gift she has received early in her 8th birthday wish list just in case, it’s something your 8-year-old might like. The TX-30 Gioteck Stereo Gaming & Go Headset (pictured below) is the perfect headset for music and gaming lovers like Mia. She can usually be found listening to her favorite girl bands whilst doing homework or playing games on her tablet.

Mia using her TX-30 Gioteck Stereo Gaming & Go Headset which she loves!

Another gift she received a little earlier than intended was a selection of items from Zimpli Kids. These were very kindly gifted to us by the team at Zimpli Kids and we had so much fun experimenting and playing with Gelli Baff (aff), Glitter Baff (aff) and Snoball Play (aff).

It’s safe to say I wasn’t surprised when she said she’d love more Glitter Baff for her birthday, I mean, glitter and slime, what little girl doesn’t love glitter and slime?!

Mia has a keen interest in our YouTube channel. She loves to film video’s with me when she isn’t at school and she’d absolutely love this action cam (aff) to create some footage of her own!

The final item on Mia’s 8th birthday wish list is this tie-dye kit (aff). She loves painting, coloring, writing, in fact, I’m yet to find a craft that she doesn’t enjoy! She’d love to create some unique t-shirts. This kit contains enough equipment to create 5 tie-dye t-shirts so she could even make some for her brother and closest friends!

We were very kindly gifted two TX-30 Gioteck Stereo Gaming & Go Headset’s and a small selection of products from Zimpli Kids in return for an honest review. All views and opinions are my own. Just The Three Of Us is a participant in the Amazon EU Associates Programme. This is an affiliate advertising programme designed to allow sites to earn advertising fees by linking to Amazon. This post includes affiliate links.

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Mia's 8th Birthday Wish List