Modern Home Essentials Every Family Needs.

Technology has transformed our lives in recent years, but what modern home essentials do we really need? Gadgets and gizmos can be found almost everywhere you look. Smart TV’s are one of my favourite technological gadgets. A smart TV allows us to access the internet, games and hundreds of programmes, apps and movies from the comfort of our sofas.

The technology we have at our fingertips is truly fascinating. I think modern technology has a place in every home in one way or another. Below you can find a detailed list of items I believe can be hugely beneficial to a family environment.

  1. WiFi isn’t just for Google. WiFi enabled products have the power to transform our worlds. Items such as security cameras, lighting and even baby monitors are available worldwide at incredibly reasonable prices. WiFi enabled products allow us to keep our homes safe and under control even when we are out and about. I truly believe WiFi enabledย modern home essentials such as those listed above really are essential in our homes.
  2. As I said above, smart TV’s are a must have in a family home. TV’s have the power to bring families together. You can grab a bargain if you search for one of the many smart tv deals available online.
  3. Smartphones are probably the most obvious modern essential for families. There are an extensive range of apps available for smartphones such as iPhone’s and android devices. These days there isn’t much you can’t do using a smart phone. My smart phone allows me to manage my career on the go and I love being able to take amazing pictures and share them almost instantly.
  4. Smart speakers such as an Amazon Alexa and Google Home are quite controversial, but absolutely fantastic. Smart speakers are capable of amazing things. We have an Amazon Alexa Dot and it keeps us all in check! I ask Alexa to help me with everything from setting timers for when dinner is ready to reminding me to put the bins out. The children love asking her questions, she has even helped with homework in the past!
  5. My children aren’t quite at an age where they want to play video games, although I recently purchased a Nintendo Wii which we thoroughly enjoy playing together as a family. Games consoles such as the PlayStation 4 or Xbox are a firm favourite with teenagers and young adults. There are hundreds of games available for consoles these days suitable for all tastes and ages, once again proving that technology does have a place in the home and can be great fun for both young and old.

Do you own any of the items listed above or are you against technology in the home? Let me know in the comments below.

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Modern Home Essentials Every Family Needs.