Before I begin I’d like to clarify that this post is in no way written in collaboration with Go Henry. I have not had any correspondence with Go Henry regarding writing this post. We recently begun using Go Henry as a family and would like to share our experience and thoughts. I am not being paid to do so. However, if you sign up to Go Henry using the referral link at the end of this post, both you and I will be credited with £10. This offer is on the Go Henry app and open to anyone, so get signed up and refer your friends.

More often than not, money is tight in our household. Everything is done on a budget, but when the children ask for something, I try my best to grant their wishes. The problem is, a small toy one day and a magazine 3 days later soon adds up. Now that they are older, I want them to learn to manage their own money. Recently I discovered Go Henry and so far its been amazing for both myself and the children.

Go Henry is the UK’s only pre-paid card for children aged 6-18. It’s perfect for children who crave independence and need to learn responsbility. The Go Henry app lets you, the parent, keep track of your child’s spending and control what they spend and how they spend it. You can even set up saving goals and weekly charity contributions.

If my bank account had a voice, it would groan every single time Theo says the words ‘can I have’. So, rather than having to say yes or no, I now allocate a set amount of pocket money to both of the children each week for them to use as they choose. I’ve made sure they understand that if they want something, they need to save for it, and if they’ve spent their allowance that’s it until the following week. I’m hoping that by allowing them to manage their own money, my finances will thank me!

The children absolutely love having their own contactless cards which they can use at cashpoints, online and in shops (these options can be switched on and off within the parent account). You can even personalise your child’s card for a fee. Go Henry costs £2.99, per month, per child, and it is worth every penny. Both of the children can access their accounts on their tablets. They are over the moon to be trusted with something that to them, feels incredibly grown up.

Every time your child spends you will receive a notification on your phone with the amount spent and where. You can also transfer funds immediately if your child is somewhere without you and needs more money, perhaps in an emergency. If your child loses their card, you can instantly block it via the parent account. Also, if they forget their PIN this can also be accessed within the parent account. Family and friends can send money directly to your child using a unique gift link created from within the parent account, which is ideal for birthdays and Christmas. What’s not to love?

Truth be told, I am yet to find something I don’t love about Go Henry. It’s absolutely brilliant. I can’t wait to see the children’s spending habits mature with their new found sense of freedom. You never know, I might even be able to treat myself with the money I save from handing money responsibility to the children. That’d be lovely!

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