MORTAR-X Blocking Card Review.

My recent scamming experience knocked me for six. I’ve become incredibly cautious about my personal information. I tend to only take on freelance work from known and trusted business associates. Recently I received a MORTAR-X RFID NFC Blocking Card Peony Edition, a fantastic piece of technology which blocks RFID/NFC scanners from stealing your data.

Place your MORTAR-X blocking card below your debit/credit card when approaching a contactless payment terminal. You’ll notice that the terminal won’t be able to read your card. Remove the MORTAR-X blocking card and the terminal will read your debit/credit card as normal. You simply need to store your MORTAR-X blocking card in your wallet/purse. This will protect your personal information from fraudsters stealing your data – outsmart their modified scanners!

MORTAR-X blocking cards protect credit and debit cards, ID cards, NFC enabled mobile phones, key cards/fobs and entry cards. It is available in a pretty peony design and a simple black design – I went for the peony design to match my floral purse.

Purchasing a MORTAR-X card is a small price to pay for the security of your data. Many believe that it is only possible to steal banking information and identities via devices attached to cash machines, but technology is advancing every single day and with that comes the ability for fraudsters to advance their techniques. With cards such as the MORTAR-X, we are able to take a stand against fraud.

Personally I think blocking cards are a necessity. Anyone who carries personal information within their purse/wallet should have one. I highly recommend the MORTAR-X blocking card. I mean, protection against data theft available in different designs at a reasonable price, you’d be a fool not to get one.

The MORTAR-X blocking card was very kindly gifted in return for an honest review. All views and opinions are my own.

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