Updating My Mum Uniform With Simply Be AD – GIFTED.

Updating My Mum Uniform With Simply Be AD – GIFTED.

My body isn’t the same as it was 8 years ago, I have marks, scars, stretchy bits, and wobbly bits. I’ve spent a long time resenting those wobbly bits. I’ve hidden them away under loose fitting tops or tucking what was once a baby bump into my leggings. My mum uniform doesn’t get any more exciting than the occasional addition of a nice scarf or a jacket, whatever is comfortable is my only rule when it comes to fashion. My love of colorful clothes and new trends disappeared with my confidence whilst trying to navigate the world of parenting.

Dressing with confidence is something I have never done whole-heartedly, even before babies. Recently I’ve been trying to work with what I’ve got rather than wishing I still looked like I did all those years ago. I’ve tried to push myself out of my clothing safe zone and dress with confidence instead of hiding away. I’m not plain and boring, so why should my clothes be?

Recently Simply Be contacted me with an opportunity too good to miss. An opportunity to freshen up my mum uniform and remind myself of who I am, Chloe, a person, not just a mum. Let’s face it, I’m never going to be the Mum stood at the school gates with a full face of makeup and heels on. I just about manage a bit of lipstick and matching shoes, but I do want to feel a little less bedraggled.

What I needed were a few staple items that were comfortable and practical that also made me feel more confident in my own skin. I tend to live in leggings, boots and hoodies. With the warmer weather approaching fast, I chose a selection of items from the Simply Be website that would keep me cool in the heat and look good.

The items I chose were –

My weight tends to fluctuate, so I usually wear sizes 10-14 dependant on where I purchase clothes. Nothing annoys me more than fitting into a size 12 in one store and then having to size up in another. That’s why I love Simply Be, they specialize in clothes for curves and are inclusive of all shapes and sizes. The items mentioned above are now my wardrobe favorites. Each and every item is perfect for dashing around after the children, fits comfortably and looks good.

Are you fed up of wearing the same or similar items day in day out? Do you want to freshen up your wardrobe? Look no further than Simply Be!

Simply Be very kindly gifted the items featured in this post in return for my thoughts. All views and opinions are my own.

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