Why Every Mum Needs Mum Friends.

When we have children, friendships change. Existing friendships sometimes disappear when our outlook on life changes. Our priorities change, and sometimes pre-motherhood friends just fall to the wayside. Then we find new friends, friend’s who get it, our mum friends.

Mum friends are our lifeline. We have our best friends, our school gate friends, friends from baby group and even friends who live in our phones and computers, online mum friends. I’m very lucky to have lots of mum friends, I met my best friend dropping Mia off at nursery!

Facebook groups are great for meeting like-minded women who are also muddling their way through motherhood. Blogging is also a fantastic way to connect with new people. I’ve met some truly amazing women through this little blog including Nathalie, Mel, EmmaRebecca, Lauren and Midge.

We need mum friends. Being a mother is challenging, emotionally, physically and mentally. We need to be able to cry about lack of sleep with someone who is also surviving on an inhumane amount of shut-eye. We need to be able to talk about the amazing things our babies are doing and consult each other on the latest rash or dodgy nappy. Nothing says friendship like a snapshot of the inside of a nappy does it?

They don’t judge you when you have baby sick in your hair or when you browse the aisles of the supermarket at snail’s pace, just to savour the peace and quiet a little longer. Want to sit in your car with the engine running so that your child stays asleep? Your mum friends will join you with chocolate and coffee.

Mum friends are the backbone of every mothers sanity. They have a magical way of knowing exactly what we need, when we need it. This doesn’t change when your children go up. From first steps to first day at college, your mum friends will be by your side.

That’s why every mum needs mum friends. Next time you see someone holding a baby with one hand and a large coffee in the other, make sure you give them a smile. You could make their day.

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Why We Need Mum Friends