Newbridge Silverware: The Perfect Gift For Mother’s Day.

Mother’s Day is the perfect excuse to treat mothers to something special, unique and beautiful. I absolutely love it when the children give me homemade cards and shower with me with kisses and cuddles. Now that they are a little older, they occasionally bring me breakfast in bed which is lovely. It’s the little things that mean the most. I love sentimental gifts and family moments and I also love unique gifts, gifts that make me special. The Amy Collection from Newbridge Silverware does just that.

The Newbridge Silverware Company was founded in 1934. It is one of Ireland’s longest surviving companies. Originally the business focused on manufacturing of quality tableware for stately homes, the premium end of the hospitality industry and the wedding gift market.

Today, Newbridge Silverware continues to create its famous tableware but is also now recognized for its design-led jewelry collections. It is regarded as one of Ireland’s leading lifestyle companies. Recently Newbridge Silverware kindly sent me a stunning pendant (£34), bangle (£35) and a pair of drop earrings (£26) from The Amy Collection, a collection created by Amy Huberman inspired by the universe.

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The items in this beautiful range are worth every penny. The attention to detail is exquisite and wearing my bangle, pendant and drop earrings makes me feel wonderful. I particularly love the longer than average length of the pendant chain. It hangs at just the right length to be seen and admired without feeling too tight or getting in the way.

The bangle is a beautiful addition to any outfit, and the drop earrings are my new favorite item of jewelry. The drop earrings are minimalist but beautiful making them perfect for both day and night wear.

I’m sure you’ve heard of the children’s story, Guess How Much I Love You. If you haven’t, where have you been?! It’s our favorite story to read at bedtime and we say ‘I love you too the moon and back’ to each other countless times a day. The Amy Collection has a special place in my heart as it features the moon and the stars.

Every time I look at my jewellery, I smile. I highly recommend Newbridge Silverware if you are looking for a Mother’s Day gift like no other. All products can be purchased online at and from showrooms at Newbridge Silverware, Co. Kildare (Ireland) or to find your nearest Newbridge Silverware stockist call 00 353 45 431301.

I was very kindly gifted items from The Amy Collection at Newbridge Silverware in return for my honest thoughts. All views and opinions are my own.

Newbridge Silverware, jewellery, mothers day, flowers, pendant, earrings, drop earrings, bangle, the amy collection