Living in a 2 bedroom house with two children brings with it a whole host of difficulties. The children absolutely love sharing a bedroom, but creating a room that was suitable for both of them wasn’t easy. Most of the time, they love sharing a bedroom, but the lack of separate space means they often get on each others nerves. It’s taken a long time, but I think we’ve finally found a solution to our troubles, the Noa And Nani Maya Bunk Bed.

The Noa And Nani Maya bunk bed beautifully matches our Noa And Nani Canterbury Dining Table with 4 chairs and the colour scheme of the children’s bedroom. I chose grey because of it’s adaptability. If I redecorate the children’s bedroom or we move, it won’t look out of place against brighter and bolder colours or designs.

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Bunk beds are a bit like marmite, you either love them or you hate them. Until recently, I wasn’t sure, but the Noa And Nani Maya bunk bed has well and truly converted me. When we first moved into our current home the children had bunk beds with a metal frame. When we separated the bunks I vowed never to own bunk beds again.

As the children have grown up and matured, I’ve often wondered whether bunk beds would be more successful than our previous attempt. When the opportunity arose to work with Noa And Nani for a second time I decided to just go for it. After all, you don’t know until you try, do you?

I’m pleased to report that so far, the Noa And Nani Maya bunk bed has been a roaring success. It’s beautiful and practical. The children have their own space and it provides much needed storage. It has made a huge difference to my stress levels at bedtime!

Mia is 8 now, she is fiercely independent and loves to tuck herself away and lose herself in her books. Emersing herself in her books wasn’t exactly easy with an excitable brother catapulting superheroes and building Lego kingdoms alongside her. She has taken ownership of the top bunk. I’ve used her favourite photos of family and friends and some girly trinkets to create a space that she can relax in, away from any shenanigans. As you can see from the photo above, she absolutely adores the new arrangements.

The stairway of drawers leading up to the top bunk is one of my favourite feautures of the Noa And Nani Maya bunk bed. We’ve used the drawers to store all of our bedtime stories and other bits and bobs such as slippers. The attention to detail that Noa And Nani have put into this bunk bed shines through. The drawers make optimum use of space, freeing up storage elsewhere in the room. Perfect for storing Theo’s extensive range of toys and Mia’s ever-growing book collection. Theo was desperate to take the top bunk at first, but now realises that the bottom bunk is very similar to having his own little den. It’s slightly tucked away behind the stairway of drawers and he loves having his very own area.

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I think the Noa And Nani Maya bunk bed is perfect for slightly older children because of its unique design and space saving qualities. When we have tried bunk beds previously I haven’t taken into account whether or not the children were mature enough. In hindsight, they weren’t, but they are now at perfect ages to appreciate everything bunk beds have to offer. The Noa And Nani Maya bunk bed offers so much more than a traditional bunk bed. It’s built with family and functionality in mind whilst maintaining the high quality structure and finish that Noa And Nani consistently provides.

In addition to the Maya bunk bed, we received a shelf which I have placed on the top bunk for Mia to place her books. It also allows her to keep a drink within easy reach. It’s a fantastic addition to our bunk beds and an affordable alternative to a bedside table.

The Noa And Nani Maya bunk bed is the injection of fun and functionality that the bunk bed world desperately needed. I still can’t quite believe the difference it has made to the children’s bedroom, and day-to-day sibling relations! Who says you need bricks and mortar to give kids the space they require? The Maya proves that it’s possible to appeal to varying ages, genders and needs without comprimising the rest of the home.

Noa And Nani have a huge range of bunk beds, cabin beds, single and double beds as well as a wide range of other furniture items such as tables, TV units and desks available on their website. I can’t recommend them enough.

Noa and Nani very kindly gifted us the Noa and Nani Maya Bunk Bed in return for an honest review. All views and opinions are my own.

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