How Theo Has Changed During His First Year At School.

Theo started school in September 2017. In 10 short months, he has transformed. My little boy isn’t quite so little any more, and he has filled my heart with pride every single day. I can’t believe it’s been nearly a year since I published My Little Boy Is Starting School. It feels like only yesterday he was entirely dependent on me. These days he is fiercely independent and incredibly strong-willed.

When Theo started school, I was so worried. He’d always been so vulnerable due to his allergies, I knew the school would keep him safe, but that didn’t stop me fretting every day for those first few weeks. Thankfully, he has nowย outgrown several severe allergies. The need to keep him safe has eased and caring and catering for him is much easier.

This time last year he showed very little interest in being creative or learning to read and write, but thanks to a wonderful teacher, he has excelled. He can now write sentences and his full name. His reading is coming on leaps and bounds and he even manages to draw me a picture occasionally. He is also very good at maths, he can add and subtract and he can count to 50.

Even his ability to use technology has developed greatly. He absolutely loves Hopster, a fun educational TV app for kids. It’s lovely to watch him playing number and letter games. He no longer requires myself or his big sister to help him, which is both a blessing and a curse. He’s a cheeky monkey and has quickly learnt how to switch off the learning games and switch on YouTube. You can read our review of Hopsterย here.

Most of all, I love how his personality has developed. He can be hard work, and his attitude often rivals that of someone 10 years older than him, but he’s a very kind and loving boy. He is always thinking of others and tries his best in everything he does. He’s a little comedian and often has us all in stitches.

I can’t wait to see what the next school year will bring. I’m immensely proud of the progress he has made and I can’t wait to watch him learn more and more.

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How My Son Has Changed During His First Year At School.