Like everything else, children have to be taught how to tidy up behind themselves. It’s an ongoing battle throughout their childhood but a little organisation can go a long way to help. Making sure there is a place for everything will stop the room looking like a bomb has it hit every other day.

You don’t have to spend a fortune to get a child’s bedroom into shape either. Here are some tips on how to organise a child’s room on a budget.

Buy some wicker baskets

Wicker baskets not only fit into almost any type of bedroom décor, but they are practical and never take up much space in the room. Plus they can be used to store away small toys, books or even bits of clothing. It takes a matter of seconds to scoop things up and place them inside and when treated well they last for years to come.

Finding the funds

It doesn’t cost much to organise a child’s room but if you need a helping hand you could always consider taking out a short term loan to fund it. It doesn’t have to be much and rather than having to pay it back in one lump sum, you will be able to stagger the repayments. And remember, always get the best interest rates available and ensure they are an FCA registered credit company.

Create some built-in shelves

Adding some shelving around the walls, or into alcoves, can really help maximise the space available in your child’s bedroom. Over the years they can be put to different uses as they grow up, moving from a place to store small toys and books, to DVDs and more mature reading matter as they hit their teens.

Use some storage cubbies

You can pick up some good quality, cost-effective storage cubbies at places like IKEA, which are easy to assemble and instantly make your kid’s bedroom look much tidier. It keeps books, toys and other things in their separate places while also making them easy to access. Storage cubbies are also quite stylish and timeless, making it another long-term investment that are able to be used again and again.

Get a one-tier bunkbed

Bunkbeds come in all shapes and sizes and not always with two beds. There are some styles available that feature a top bunk without one underneath, leaving lots of room for storage without taking up any extra space. And at the end of the day, anything lying around on the floor can just be kept underneath, keeping things tidier and in one place.

Invest in underbed draws

Rather than leaving the space under the bed free to pick up dust, lost socks and a collection of random toys, buying underbed draws makes the most of the available space. They don’t cost much and can even be bought with wheels attached so they slide in and out much easier. This is an especially good idea if your child has a small bedroom as space that wasn’t there before suddenly finds some use.

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