Introducing The Philips Air Purifier AC3256 To Our Home.

Pollen, it’s a pain isn’t it?

Pollen is among one of the many allergies Theo suffers from on a daily basis. He also has a severe dust-mite allergy, nowhere is ‘safe’ for him. Indoor air pollution can be up to 5 times worse than outdoor air pollution[S], which certainly rings true for us.

Philips Air Purifier

Are you an allergy sufferer? If you suffer from food allergies, 90% of your day is spent analysing what you eat and drink, but how often do you think about what you are breathing in?

When the opportunity arose to review the Philips Anti-Allergen Air Purifier AC3256/30 as part of the Philips #BreatheTheDifference campaign I jumped at the chance.

I felt both interested and excited about being offered such a fantastic opportunity. Interested to discover how the Philips Air Purifier would benefit us and excited to reap its rewards. We were also offered a personalised consultation call with media medic Dr. Dawn Harper, who discussed the benefits of the Philips Air Purifier in relation to Theo’s allergies, which was really helpful.

The Philips Air Purifier is a slimline, eye-catching air purifier which fits nicely into even the smallest of rooms. It is easy to use, and even has a child lock feature!

It is estimated there are more than 10 million people in the UK who suffer from allergic rhinitis[S], and we are three of those 10 million. Theo suffers quite severely pretty much all year round and myself and Mia suffer when pollen levels are particularly high.

The World Health Organization recently stated air pollution is a dangerous risk to children. In fact, children breathe in more than adults, and are therefore more susceptible to the effects of air pollution [S]. For Theo, every breath of air he inhales has a bad effect on his body.

I hoped upon hope that the Philips Air Purifier would help him in so many ways, and it did!

Within 24 hours of using the Philips Air Purifier I began to notice a difference, particularly in the level of symptoms Theo displayed whilst indoors at home.

The severity of his allergic rhinitis and skin irritation reduced, his cough became less harsh, he seemed more comfortable than I had seen him in quite a while, especially when he spent time on the bottom floor of the home, where the Philips Air Purifier was kept.

Theo loves to be outdoors playing with his big sister. Unfortunately he can often be found sneezing and itching his eyes as soon as he comes back indoors. With the Philips Air Purifier fan speed set at 4/5 on particularly hot, high pollen level days, his symptoms ease.

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Introducing The Philips Air Purifier AC3256 To Our Home