Potty Training – The Good, The Bad & The Ugly.

There’s no two ways about it, 90% of the time, potty training is NOT fun.

From massive poo explosions in public to getting urinated on mid snuggle, it’s one of those developmental milestone’s that can have you saying ‘well done darling’ through gritted teeth.

Girls, well, they are a walk in the park compared to boys. Potty training my daughter was a breeze, mainly because she didn’t have to aim, us ladies have it so easy!

Potty training Theo has been a whole other ball game, I haven’t had to deal with little boy bits previously other than tucking it in a nappy and hoping it doesn’t shoot out of the sides.

We’ve had wee on the floor, wee on the sofa, wee in the supermarket and wee on the walls.

But lets not forget the good bits, the pride they positively burst with the first time they take to the throne, the savings made not having to buy nappies and the sense of independence they suddenly feel.

It is gross, but oh so wonderful.

Here’s some real life experiences from fellow bloggers –

‘Prepare to ask your kids on average three times every minute of every day “do you need a wee?” Thus driving yourself INSANE. Oh and no matter how many times you ask – they still will probably wet themselves just as you finish your sentence.’  – Twinderelmo.

‘My poor boy – I must have asked over 100 times last weekend if he needs to use the potty. No, he’d say defiantly. I don’t believe you buddy I thought. Well this eve he surprised me with, “mummy, I need a wee, quick, the potty!” And he went, he did the biggest wee! Proud mummy moment and all.’  – Me And B Make Tea.

‘And that, ladies and gentlemen, is how I came to have poo in my hair.’ – Mummy Wales.

So last week I just went for it. I bought her a pack of colourful knickers, let her pick a pair and took her into nursery with lots of spare leggings and underwear. Three hours later I went to pick her up to find that she’d used the toilet for the full session and her knickers were bone dry, no accidents! Woohoo! I was absolutely over the moon and our V was so proud of herself! – Mother Hermit.

Always remember, no matter how grossed out you are, smile, clap, and always give an over exaggerated YAY!