Preparing Your Child for their First Day of School.

Starting school means many new changes and challenges for your child. They will need to learn their way around a new school, meet new teachers and make new friends. They will also need to adjust to a new timetable and learn how to be more independent.

All of these changes can make some children feel quite anxious. However, there are many ways in which you can prepare your child for starting school and Laude Fontenebro School are here to help with the following tips…

Show your support

Your child is bound to feel nervous about starting their new school. Let them know that what they are feeling is completely normal and that many of their classmates will be feeling the same way. Show your support by asking them about how they are feeling and addressing their concerns. Talk to them about what they can expect from a typical day at school and let them know that you are excited to hear all about their day.

Get to know the school

It is important to get to know your child’s new school as early as possible. Attend open days and events, or see if you can arrange a visit for your child to get to know their way around. This will help them to settle in and feel more familiar with their new surroundings.

Create a routine

Preparing your child for the new school routine is essential. Ensure that they get a good night’s sleep the night before and prepare their uniform and lunchbox for the morning. Preparation will reduce anxiety and help both you and your child to feel less stressed on the day. Try to create a comfortable school routine with your child, which includes enough time for breakfast and relaxation before the school run.

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