Price’s Christmas Home Fragrance AD – GIFTED.

Price’s Christmas Home Fragrance AD – GIFTED.

If you have been following Just The Three Of Us for a while, you’ll know that I adore Price’s Candles Home Fragrances. I’ve worked with Price’s previously reviewing some autumnal fragrances. I am very pleased to working with Price’s once again, this time to share my thoughts on their new Christmas home fragrance range.

Nothing beats the smell of Christmas. The magic in the air is heightened by the smell of warm gingerbread, roasted chestnuts and the undeniable smell of mulled wine. Christmas is our favorite time of year, the children love everything about Christmas. Christmas as a parent is truly amazing. I will never tire of the look of astonishment that sweeps across the children’s faces on Christmas morning.

Every year I strive to make our home as festive as possible. There is no such thing as too much tinsel here! The only thing I struggle to achieve when I’m preparing for Christmas is a beautiful Christmas home fragrance. No amount of festive air freshener creates that heart-warming and long-lasting scent.

This year Christmas home fragrance won’t be a cause for concern thanks to Price’s Candles. Words cannot express how excited I was to be gifted a sample of each of Price’s new fragrances Gingerbread, Enchanted Forest and Seasonal Delights.

I’m a self-confessed home interior and home fragrance addict. I just love making a house a home. Creating a warm and welcoming home that we can enjoy as a family means everything. At Christmas time, we spend a lot of time making memories in our home. I want the children to look back on their childhood and remember magical Christmases. I want them to be taken back to chaotic but wonderful Christmas mornings when they smell a certain smell.

Christmas home fragrance may not be important to most people, but for me, it plays a huge part in the festivities. Other seasonal fragrances from Price’s have not disappointed, and I’m pleased to report that Price’s new Christmas fragrances have also surpassed my expectations.

The heart-warming Seasonal Delights fragrance reminds me of festive markets. I love wandering through the rows of stalls offering unique decorations and gifts whilst the air fills with the scent of mulled wine and mince pies. Seasonal Delights encompasses fruity top notes with cloves and cinnamon. It’s an insight into the magic of the joy December brings in candle form.

Enchanted Forest is a fresher fragrance, a beautiful combination of frosted berries, pine, orange, sandalwood, and vanilla. I’ve never been fortunate enough to experience a White Christmas. If I had, this fragrance would take me right back to the moment I opened the curtains and saw a blanket of thick white snow on Christmas morning. I’m fully aware that the reality of a White Christmas is far different from what is portrayed on TV adverts and on the front of Christmas cards. A snowy Christmas morning brings with it a sludgy and slippery Boxing Day, but when I smell this candle I like to block out that reality check and just imagine…

Gingerbread is a Christmas must-have, isn’t it? It just isn’t Christmas without a slightly wonky gingerbread house stuck together with icing. The smell of gingerbread in the air is undeniable at Christmas time. Price’s Gingerbread is my favorite festive fragrance of the three. Its rich ginger aroma is complimented by notes of nutmeg, cinnamon, and vanilla. It really does smell like freshly baked gingerbread. I’ll definitely be purchasing more of this scent to see me through the festive season. With fragrances like this on offer, I completely agree with the classic Christmas song by Wizzard. I really do wish it could be Christmas every day.

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