Raising A Sensitive Child – My Daughter Is Delicate.

sensitive child

‘Mummy!’ – It’s a phrase I hear every day, over and over and over again.

I wouldn’t blame you for presuming I hear it from the medically complex, highly dependant three-year old. Surprisingly, I don’t hear it from him so much, it’s usually my sassy & fierce daughter.

You see, Mia is my first-born, my baby. She is content, happy, confident and clever. She amaze’s me every day with the love she shows to everyone she meets. But like a house of cards, it only takes one knock, one push from an excitable little brother or a jokey comment from a school friend, and all that confidence tumbles into tears.

She’s not whingey or weak, shy or withdrawn, but that doesn’t mean that she doesn’t have a delicate soul. She feels love deeply for a child of her age, and show’s it in the most beautiful ways. She genuinely care’s for the world around her and concerns herself with the plight of others.

On a few occasion’s recently I’ve caught her watching the news or reading newspaper articles. I want her to be inquisitive, not naive about the world we live in, but how can you explain perils such as war and poverty to a child who would give her last sweet to the child looking dejected on the bus, just because?

I spent a long time trying to boost her bravado, I assumed that she was just a particularly fragile toddler. These days I’ve learnt to love her view on the world and embrace her inner beauty. For I know that the older she get’s, the wiser she will become. She’ll meet such a variety of people, and give love to them all.

My daughter is delicate, and I couldn’t be prouder.


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