5 Ways You Can Regain Control When Your Fuse Is Short.

We are all guilty of it.

Sometimes we just can’t take anymore. The kids get a little feral and you feel like your teetering on the edge of a breakdown, ready to reach for the gin at 3pm…

I’m trying really hard to regain control of my emotions when my fuse is short. Today I thought I’d share some of the tactics I have used and found helpful.

Stop trying to be superwoman.

Yes, the washing up needs doing and the laundry needs sorting, but really, does it matter?

Put a film on, grab a blanket and cuddle up with the kids. Housework can wait – quality time is what’s important and switching off for a little while will be beneficial for all.

Hide for a while.

If the children are amusing themselves put the kettle on, make yourself a hot cup of tea and hide away for ten minutes. Just take a moment to rest and gather your thoughts.

Go for a walk.

Whatever the weather, get outside and enjoy some fresh air. Splash in puddles or pack a picnic and find a sunny spot, have fun and relax your mind.

Simply count to 10.

It actually works! I find counting to ten in my head before responding to ‘MUMMY!’ for the 1,937,377th time in an hour really helps me to regain control.

Don’t punish yourself for feeling this way.

I often feel immensely guilty for feeling like I’m going to crack under the pressure. I tell myself that I should be able to juggle every ball but I just can’t. I’m beginning to accept that I can’t have a perfect spotless home, be on top of work AND be the best Mum I can be all at the same time.

It’s normal to struggle sometimes. It’s okay.

What do you do to regain control when your fuse is short?

Let me know below and I’ll include my favourites in a video all about motherhood and mental health over on the YouTube channel – make sure you subscribe so that you don’t miss it!

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5 ways you can regain control when your fuse is short.