Review / Humfree The Bee Has A Food Allergy.

Recently we were offered the opportunity to review a fantastic book on a topic close to our hearts, food allergies.

Humfree The Bee Has A Food Allergy, written by Alison Johansen, is a children’s book which educates young sufferers, and non sufferers of allergies about the dangers, trials and tribulations of food allergies.

Long term followers will know that Theo has a variety of food allergies as well as environmental and medicinal allergies. Until recently, he was severely allergic to dairy.

Kiwis, penicillin and pollen also trigger a nasty allergic reaction.

I wish we had found Humfree The Bee Has A Food Allergy when Theo was first diagnosed. It’s a truly beautiful book which I feel is hugely beneficial to young children.

humfree the bee has a food allergy

Many children who have a food allergy (or multiple allergies) feel they are different from their peers. Humfree The Bee Has A Food Allergy helps sufferers to feel they are not alone. It also teaches children that having allergies is not as scary as it may sound.

The book is illustrated beautifully with bright captivating pictures of Humfree which are sure to leave young readers enthralled.

Humfree The Bee Has A Food Allergy isn’t just for sufferers of food allergies. The book presents allergies in a way all children can understand.  It teaches compassion, not segregation, without deterring from the seriousness of the topic.

All in all, it’s a fantastically fun but educational book. I urge any parents who have or know a child with allergies to add it to your collection!

Humfree The Bee Has A Food Allergy is available on the Mothernova website for $14.95 + shipping.

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humfree the bee has a food allergy