Review / Medpac Medication Storage.

Review / Medpac Medication Storage.

Long term followers will know that Theo has several health issues. He suffers from multiple allergies, eczema and asthma, this means that wherever we go, a multitude of medication follows.

We’ve used everything from pencil cases to Tupperware to transport Theo’s medications over the years, but recently Medpac got in touch and changed our medication transportation habits forever!

Medpac was founded back in 2011 by Jayne, a mum from nearby Suffolk. Jayne’s daughter Jessica suffers from epilepsy and, like Theo, needed to carry emergency medication with her at all times. The storage they were using to transport Jessica’s medication was not sufficient and Jayne quickly realised that there was gap in the market for insulated, convenient medication storage.

She put her heart and soul into researching and developing Medpac products, and didn’t she do well!

Fast forward 6/7 years and Jayne’s fantastic products have won awards and are used by adults and children all over the UK and US.

We reviewed the Medpac drawstring bag, Medpac wristband and the large insulated Medpac.

Back in September Theo started school and I’ve been searching for medication storage that is fit for purpose as well as eye-catching. You can’t miss the bright orange and white design of the products available at

Both the drawstring bag and wristband notify others of the location of your medication, which definitely puts my mind at ease when I say goodbye to Theo at the school gates.


The large Medpac (£13.49) stores his inhaler, Aerochamber, two EpiPen’s, a standard size bottle of anti histamine and a small tube of eczema ointment with plenty of room to spare.

It is also insulated. This is hugely important as EpiPen’s need to be stored as close to room temperature as possible.

Medpac products take the hassle out of health problems, are easy to transport and easy to spot in an emergency.

I can’t recommend Medpac enough.

Check out the range of products available and save 5% using discount code ‘MUMMY5’.

This post is sponsored by Medpac. All opinions are my own.

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Medpac medication storage review



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