Surviving The Sassy Sevens.

Surviving The Sassy Sevens.

Forget about the terrible twos or the ferocious fives, it’s all about the sassy sevens in this house. My children are like chalk and cheese. Theo is beautifully defiant whereas Mia has always been quite compliant and sensitive. Nothing about Mia’s entrance into the world was conventional, but despite being a surprise, she fitted in perfectly.

She was an absolute breeze throughout her toddler years, and then she turned seven. According to Mia, I am ‘well cringe’. Kissing her goodbye on the playground is forbidden unless she initiates it. I don’t mean to brag, but I’m a pretty cool Mum. I know am because her friends say so, but she does not agree.

Don’t get me wrong, she is still the sweet and kind girl she has always been, but something has changed. I often say ‘are you seven or seventeen?’ because the phrases she comes out with render me speechless! She often sounds like a child far older than she is. Just the other day we were discussing how I’d finally managed a decent french plait in her hair and she said ‘I know your achievement is important in your life, but it’s not really important in mine to be honest’.

For reasons unbeknown to me, she has taken to adding ‘hashtag’ to otherwise normal words like savage. I’m starting to wonder what the next few years will bring. If she’s sassy at seven then what am I going to be contending with when she hits her teenage years?

I have found that if I don’t laugh I’ll probably cry at how fast my little girl is growing up. Seven is a tricky age, it’s the no man’s land between being a little girl and a big girl. Most seven-year old’s move up to primary school at seven, it’s a huge transition that impacts each child in a variety of ways. In the few short weeks that she has attended her new school, she has blossomed, as has her attitude!

The only thing that is getting me through this stage is laughter. I know I shouldn’t laugh, but her one-liners make me giggle so much that I struggle to discipline her for being cheeky. I guess there is a fine line between being sassy and cheeky, and Mia walks that line like a tight-rope.

Are you dealing with the sassy sevens? What one-liners are you’re not so little one coming out with? If you have any survival tips, please do let me know in the comments below.

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Surviving The Sassy Sevens.




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