Back To School With Jake Shoes And Petit Fernand.

The summer holidays have flown by, haven’t they?

In just under two weeks we will be thrown back into the routine of school. I’ve loved having adventures with my babies this summer but they are both so ready for the new school year to begin. There are only so many funds and activities available!

This year marks a big milestone for Theo, he is starting school.

With two children at school the cost of uniform doubles, so when Jake Shoes got in touch and asked us to review some school shoes I breathed a sigh of relief!

I was after sturdy and smart shoes and I found just that, these Kickers Kids Reasan Strap Shoes In Black (RRP £38.00) are perfect for Theo. Robust enough to withstand play-time and well padded for the utmost comfort.

The Kickers logo is green on one heel and red on the other. This makes identifying which shoe is left and which is right much easier. The shoe heels also feature a reflective panel, handy for the walk home during winter.

Theo has been wearing his shoes around the house to get used to them and he never wants to take them off! These little shoes are everything I was looking for in a school shoe and more.

back to school

Purchasing new uniform means only one thing… labeling. It’s such a pain isn’t it?

Petit Fernand to the rescue!

Petit Fernand supply 100% customisable name labels for kids in fun designs, Petit Fernand name labels are available in a stick on or iron on variety and are super handy for labeling everything from shoes to jumpers and even drinks bottles!

I received two starter packs (44 name labels) for both Mia and Theo. Honestly, I don’t know what I’d have done without them!

These name labels are not the cheapest of options, but they are worth every penny.

Are you prepared or in the thick of the back-to-school madness? Let me know below!