Self Care: 10 Hobbies For Busy Mothers.

Everyone needs to indulge in a little self-care sometimes. Busy mothers often struggle to find time to take care of themselves. Usually mothers want to do something for themselves but don’t know where to start. Today I’m discussing 10 hobbies that I think are perfect for busy mothers in need of a little me time. If you are struggling to find a hobby you love, this is the post for you.

  1. Sewing or cross-stitch can be incredibly therapeutic. You could even turn your new-found love of sewing/cross-stitch into a small business like my good friend Lydia Griffin. She’s a busy mum of one with another little lady on the way and she has made her passion for hand-stitched beautiful embroidered portraits a business. Check out The Little Thread Bear to find out more and visit the Etsy shop here
  2. If you’re the type of person who likes to write, blogging could be the hobby for you. Blogging began as a hobby for me, and now it is my business. Writing a blog is very therapeutic and you can dedicate as little or as much time to it as you like.
  3. Photography is my other hobby, it is something I am passionate about. Photography is a hobby that many busy mothers inadvertently take up whilst trying to capture memories with their children. A small investment in a decent camera and the right editing software will give you stunning images to cherish forever and the capturing and editing process can be incredibly fulfilling.
  4. Exercise clubs are great for meeting new people and staying healthy.
  5. Walking is good for the body and soul. I regularly walk my best friend’s dogs with her and it’s been hugely beneficial for my physical and mental health.
  6. Learn a new language.
  7. Crafting. It’s fun and can even bring in a few extra pennies if you decide to turn your hobby into a business.
  8. Join a book club. Books are my ultimate escape from life’s pressures. Book clubs will encourage you to try new book genres and allow you to find new like-minded friends.
  9. Online surveys are another hobby which can be beneficial for both your mental health and your bank balance. Read this fantastic post from money blogger Katy Stevens to find out more.
  10. If writing isn’t your thing but drawing is, why not paint or draw in your spare time? There are some fantastic adult colouring books available such as this one on amazon affiliate link.

Find more self-care inspiration here. Do you have a hobby that fits in with your busy lifestyle? Let me know what it is below, perhaps you’ll inspire fellow readers to try something new.


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10 hobbies for busy mothers