5 Easy Summer Sibling Activities With My Picture + Giveaway.

Nothing beats a cosy blanket… they are perfect for snuggling up in winter and taking along on adventures in the summer. Recently My Picture very kindly sent us a photo blanket and it’s the cutest blanket I have ever owned. Not only that, it’s also PERFECT for summer fun and family time. Have a read of why I think having two children is easier than having one here.

Mia and Theo are incredibly close siblings but during the summer holidays they tire of each others company quickly. I have come up with a short but fantastic list of easy summer activities using blankets which are perfect for siblings.

At least one of the ideas below should give help to ease any bickering – I hope you find it useful!

  1. Picnic – nothing beats a good old-fashioned summer picnic. The children can burn off any energy they’ve been using to bicker exploring nature and you can sit back and enjoy a peaceful lunch.
  2. Super hero cape – it’s incredibly easy to turn negative energy between siblings into fun imaginative play using just a blanket and little imagination. Safely attach a blanket to your children’s shoulders and transform them into the worlds greatest superhero.
  3. Movie night – this one is entirely dependant on whether you can get your children to actually agree on a movie. Once they’ve chosen a film, snuggle up under a blanket and enjoy it as a family. Sometimes, all they need is a little time to unwind. You can find more tips for helping your children to unwind here.
  4. Blanket fort – when I was a child I loved making blanket forts out of blankets and bed sheets. Challenge your children to create a blanket fort together. Once it’s built they’ll spend hours within it amusing themselves, well, twenty minutes at least!
  5. Trampoline camp out – this activity is perfect for summer. Simple bundle all the blankets you own and your children onto a trampoline (or the lawn if you don’t have one) and sleep beneath the stars. It’s a truly wonderful experience that all children will enjoy and remember for years to come.

We love our My Picture photo blanket – it’s beautifully soft and the photo quality is of a high standard. It’s the perfect size for cosy cuddles and fits easily into a bag to take along with us on days out. I’d recommend a My Picture photo blanket to anyone looking for a truly unique personalised gift.

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We were very kindly gifted My Picture photo blanket in return for an honest review. All views and opinions are my own.

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5 Easy Summer Sibling Activities With My Picture Photo Blanket