Simple But Effective Unisex Kids Bedroom Makeover.

Less than a year ago I transformed the children’s bedroom for under £100 (see image below) but due to unforeseen circumstances, I recently decided to redecorate their room for the third and final time. I’m becoming quite the expert at achieving a brilliant kids bedroom makeover!

When we moved here in July 2017, the children’s bedroom was the first room I decorated. They share a bedroom and it’s quite tricky to find the balance between their different tastes and interests. I wanted them to settle into our new home as quickly as possible so using two different shades of blue I created a sky themed room. I added rainbows, stars and clouds. It was a labour of love, and the children thought it was fantastic. However, they outgrew a themed room far sooner than I had anticipated.

I wanted them to have a space suited to their needs and wants. So, less than 18 months later, I transformed the room into a blank canvas. I tried to give both Mia and Theo their own space within the same room by adding trinkets, canvases and wall art. It wasn’t perfect, but it was an improvement. The children thought their new neutral room was awesome and I hoped that would be the end of the decorating for a while, but I was wrong!


Due to unforeseen circumstances involving crumbling plaster, just 8 months later I found myself having to redecorate their room once again. I love a DIY project, so I embraced the chance to make this kids bedroom makeover my best yet.

Mia is nearly 8, and Theo is nearly 6, so I decided to avoid characters as much as I could. Instead, I decided to use accessories and clever paint tricks to make their bedroom uniquely unisex. Theo’s side of the room is mostly filled with toys, so I made the most of the wall space available by creating a large geometric triangle design behind his headboard. I also recycled some of the items from the second kids bedroom makeover, including canvases and wall art, and in less than an hour, he had a unique space that will grow up with him for years to come.

Mia doesn’t really own many toys anymore, she prefers to draw and write and colour, her dolls haven’t seen daylight for a long while, so for her, instead of creating an area to play in, I wanted to create an area that she could relax and get creative in. For her side of the room, I added craft glitter to the main wall to create a shimmery effect and added bunting, photographs and some cute motivational quotes and canvases.

Take a closer look at Mia’s shimmering wall here.

After (Mia’s special shimmering wall)

I was so pleased with the results. I would have loved a room like this when I was a child! I knew that Mia would be over the moon with her very own shimmering wall and girly space. I couldn’t wait to see Theo’s face when he saw what I’d done with his side. The cost of this makeover was approximately £50, my cheapest room transformation to date.

It’s amazing what you can do on a limited budget with a little know-how and bargain hunting. Pinterest is full of ideas and inspiration and Facebook groups such as DIY On A Budget and Extreme Couponing And Bargains are full of tips and tricks for saving money on home improvements.

A full list of the paint and products I used can be found below.

After (Theo’s wall)

To complete this transformation, I used:

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