5 Top Tips For A Stress Free House Move.

Moving house is often listed as one of life’s most stressful events…

I’ve moved house several times in my life and it never gets any easier – especially now I’m the adult in charge with two kids in tow!

Today I thought I’d share with you a few tips I’ve learnt over the years which make a house move a little less overwhelming for all.

  • Budget – Make sure you know exactly what money you have incoming and outgoing over the course of your move. Ensure you have enough to cover moving costs as well as your standard household fees. Remember to bear in mind that some items, for example white goods, may get damaged during transportation and may need replacing.
  • Pace yourself – Rome wasn’t built in a day. Make a plan when packing to give yourself a clear idea of what needs doing and when.
  • Don’t take unwanted items with you – A house move is the perfect time to declutter. Don’t move with items you haven’t required for six months or more. My declutter challenge can help you to organise your belongings.
  • Take a more modern approach to moving home – Using a service such as We Buy Any House takes away the hassle of contracts and costs. The friendly and confidential customer service team at Speed Property Buyers are sure to put you at ease.
  • Have a break – Moving house will leave you feeling exhausted, try not to over do it. Take a break every hour or so, read a chapter of a book or go somewhere nice for lunch. My recent post 41 self-care ideas suitable for all lifestyles is full of great things to do when you just need five minutes of peace.

And finally, when everything is transported and the dust begins to settle, take it easy!

Moving house is a huge life event. Despite all the joy surrounding your new home, you will feel out of sorts for a little while.

Take each day as it comes and enjoy your new home.

This post is sponsored by Round Web. All thoughts are my own.

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Top tips for a stress free house move