Preparing For Spring With The Evermeadow Playhouse AD – GIFTED.

Since we moved here in July 2017, I’ve worked hard to create a beautiful garden on a budget. I wanted a home and a garden that the children could enjoy for years to come, and I am finally beginning to achieve just that. Recently Big Game Hunters got in touch and offered us the opportunity to transform an Evermeadow Playhouse. You can view the full range of playhouses available from Big Game Hunters here.

I had always dreamed of creating a beautiful playhouse for the children. Both Mia and Theo have incredible imaginations and they absolutely adore being outdoors and having fun. I wanted to transform the Evermeadow Playhouse into something magical for them.

I wanted to create a cozy outdoor reading nook for Mia. A place to relax during spring and summer for the children and their friends, and a place in which Theo’s imagination could run free.

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The picture above shows the playhouse before we transformed it into a pretty and cosy garden bolthole. The children spend so much of their time at school during the week that I aim to encourage play and relaxation as much as possible when they are at home. Both children absolutely love being outdoors and I love listening to them chatting away and playing together.

The Evermeadow Playhouse has so much potential. The second the children laid eyes on it they fell in love with it. At first, it was simply wood and nails, no paint, no accessories, and yet they spent well over an hour inside with just a few snacks and each other for company. I think parents and children forget how powerful their imaginations can be sometimes, don’t you?

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Before we decorated the exterior, I set to work on the interiors. I recently redecorated our living room and I replaced our soft furnishings. Rather than getting rid of the old cushions, I put them inside the playhouse. I also ordered a large outdoor floor cushion and using that and the cushions, I created a miniature sofa for just Ā£15 – the children loved their cozy seat.

The children were off school for half term so together we went to the local DIY shop to pick out some paint for the exterior of the playhouse. They were so excited about our half term project! After a lot of debate over colors, we finally settled on a gorgeous mint shade.

In under an hour, we managed to create the playhouse of our dreams – the children were pleased with their choice of color, and I was pleased that they hadn’t gone for anything bright! As soon as the paint dried I added the finishing touches, white bunting, a waterproof chalkboard door sign and beautiful solar lights. I was over the moon with the result, it looked exactly how I had imagined it would. I can’t wait for the warmer weather to arrive so that we can make the most of the Evermeadow Playhouse.

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What I love most about garden playhouses is that possibilities are endless. So far our playhouse has been a cafe, a shop, and a fire station! Both of the children go out into the playhouse whenever possible, sometimes just to relax, and often to play together. The Evermeadow Playhouse is so much more than a playhouse for us, it’s a place to make memories and reunite siblings at war. A place to hide away after a long day at school and a place where imaginations come alive.

If this sounds like exactly what your garden needs, then I highly recommend the Evermeadow Playhouse from Big Game Hunters. It’s incredibly easy to assemble and perfect for gardens of any shape or size. It’s also completely customizable, a blank canvas. The Evermeadow Playhouse is the perfect spring project for parents and will be loved for years to come by children of all ages.

We were very kindly gifted the Evermeadow Playhouse and flooring by Big Game Hunters. All views and opinions are my own.

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