Storage And Organisation Tour: How I Organise Our Home.

It’s sad, but oh so true… storage and organisation are my saviors. I honestly don’t know what I’d do if I didn’t organise my home and my life so efficiently. For me, 2018 was the year of sorting out every aspect of our lives. I’ve worked hard to make our house a home. I decorated the children’s bedroom and transformed our kitchen and I’m so pleased with the results. 

I’ve finally taken control of my world. My finances, meals, and even how and when I clean is written down. Keeping on top of our lives with lists and notes eases my anxiety and makes day-to-day life easier. Most nearly 26-year-old’s don’t find home storage and organisation remotely exciting, but I’m not ashamed to admit that I’m like a kid at Christmas in B&M!

Let’s start with the children’s bedroom. It’s far from perfect. I spend approximately 80% of my life picking up toys/clothes they’ve left on the floor, but despite the chaos, it’s organised in a way that makes both myself and the children happy.

All of their toys are stored neatly in boxes. Theo’s are stored in green boxes and Mia’s are stored in pink boxes. Storing the toys in different coloured boxes makes life so much easier and stops any arguing over what belongs to who. I purchased the storage units and boxes a while ago from Argos and they are perfect for keeping everything tidy. Mia is nearly 8 now, and prefers books to toys, so the top shelves of her unit are used as bookshelves, this keeps them safe from damage and saves time when she’s looking for something new to read.

We struck gold with their room as it has a built in wardrobe which I use to store their clothes, school uniform, dressing up costumes and all of our family board games. I have a uniform organisation system which works brilliantly on busy school mornings.

The kitchen is where I spend 90% of my day, so organisation is key. I use a magnetic calendar from Amazon (aff) to keep track of our day-to-day lives (see top). I write everything from what bin goes out on what day to school events and work deadlines on it and as it is on the fridge, it serves as a constant reminder of our plans for the days/weeks ahead.

I keep a list on my phone of what we have in our freezer so that I can easily plan meals and keep track of what I need to get from the shops. Our food cupboards are also well organised, I keep sweet treats in a tub, biscuits in a separate tub and lunchbox food in another tub. This way I don’t have to rummage through the cupboards every time myself or the children fancy something. I purchased cupboard shelving (aff) from Amazon to allow me to see exactly what tins and packets we have, and even the cleaning cupboard has been hit with my passion for organisation (see above).

It may seem silly to have so many boxes and tubs, but the difference it makes to my world is phenomenal. I never have to spend ages rifling through toys and cupboards to find things, and knowing exactly what we have and don’t have eases my anxiety greatly.

The rest of the house is organised in a similar fashion.

I keep a small selection of toys and games in clear plastic storage boxes (aff) in the living room. All of our DVD’s are stored in a sideboard. The sideboard is also used to store craft materials and random bits and bobs.

Our bathroom is quite a good size, but the layout makes it hard to install shelving or storage units. I store most of our toiletries and cleaning products in a shower caddy (aff) and a ladder style shelving unit (aff) which fits perfectly next to the bath and has a washing basket attached to the bottom shelf. It’s exactly what we needed and it is a great space-saver.

My bedroom has been hugely neglected since we moved here in July 2017. Until recently, it had been used to store everything I hadn’t yet found a home for. These days, it’s just as organised as the rest of our home. I no longer have a vast collection of clothing scattered across the floor, my clothes are organised into a wardrobe (aff) which has made a huge difference to the room. I store all of my work equipment and tech in plastic drawers (aff) and my beauty products are kept in my stunning dressing table from Beautify.

I like to think that my home/lifestyle is proof that you don’t need fancy furniture and gadgets to be organised. All it takes is a little time, perseverance and focus. The benefits of organising your home are endless. Why not try my declutter challenge to get you started?

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Storage And Organisation Tour: How I Organise Our Home