Midweek Meals Made Easy With The Stoves Richmond 600Ei Electric Cooker.

The cooker is probably the most used appliance in a family home. Sometimes I feel like the oven and the washing machine are on all day, every day. Between cooking balanced midweek meals and baking up a storm with the children, the oven barely gets any down time. Since we moved to our current home in July last year I have been renting an oven, but I longed for something better. I wanted something that looked good, something that would make my life a little easier. Then, out of the blue, AO got in touch and offered me the opportunity to review the Stoves Richmond 600Ei Electric Cooker.

This stunning cream electric cooker from Stoves incorporates modern technology with classic design.

Let’s get the technical stuff out-of-the-way, shall we? Rated A/A for energy efficiency, the Stoves Richmond 600Ei is the perfect addition to a family kitchen. Gone are the days where I get excited over a new pair of shoes, it’s all about the appliances now! It’s pretty safe to say it was love at first sight when our new electric cooker was fitted by two lovely AO delivery men.

The Stoves Richmond 600Ei will fit in most if not all kitchens (dimensions – H90 x W60 x D60cm).  This cooker is incredibly clever. The main oven gives a huge variety of features to experiment with. There is a keep warm function, a slow cook function, a pizza function, a bread proving function and even an intense baking function. You can even choose between using the main oven as a fanned oven or a conventional oven using the dials on the front of the cooker.

The top oven can be used as either an oven or a grill.

Again, you can choose between a fanned grill and a conventional grill. Both the top and main oven contain handy telescopic shelf runners, which glide out so you can easily check what you are cooking. The ceramic hob is controlled using touch buttons which allow you to control the temperature of each hob cook zone. In my opinion, the best and most unexpected function is the built-in Bluetooth, yes, you read that right, this cooker has Bluetooth!

The built-in Bluetooth allows you to connect your cooker to the Zeus™ app. Once connected, you can control and adjust cooking times from the comfort of your sofa. The Zeus app is compatible with a growing number of Stoves products. You can even store and recall your favourite settings for your convenience. The Zeus app only allows you to operate within 15 metres from your oven. This rule combined with the use of Bluetooth connectivity minimises any risk of a WiFi security breach.

The Stoves Richmond 600Ei Electric Cooker is the perfect cooker for our family.

The multitude of cooking functions allows me to cook each and every evening meal to a high standard. I no longer need to mess around with temperatures and settings constantly. However, if you are thinking of purchasing the Stoves Richmond 600Ei Electric Cooker you need to be aware of saucepan compatibility.

The hob is an induction hob, which means that certain saucepans are not suitable and will not fulfil their purpose. Pans made from copper, stainless steel, aluminium, glass, ceramic and terracotta are not suitable for use with this hob. Cast iron pans and pans made from metals with magnetic properties are compatible. I was unaware of this specification and had to spend a small fortune on appropriate pans in order to boil the pasta for our Bolognese!

Despite this, I absolutely love the Stoves Richmond 600Ei Electric Cooker. I would highly recommend it to families both big and small. It’s pleasant to look at and incredibly intelligent – what more could you want from your oven?

We were very kindly gifted the Stoves Richmond 600Ei Electric Cooker in return for an honest review. All views and opinions are my own.

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Midweek Meals Made Easy With The Stoves Richmond 600Ei Electric Cooker