Theo And Blaze Catch Crusher From Penwizard.

Is your child a fan of Blaze And The Monster Machines? Penwizard recently released a new personalised book, (Your Child) And Blaze Catch Crusher.

Theo is five now, and his reading ability is improving week by week. The problem is, he gets fed up of reading very easily, so I’ve been trying to find books that excite him. He absolutely loves Blaze And The Monster Machines so you can only imagine how excited he was to read ‘Theo And Blaze Catch Crusher’.

This beautifully illustrated book is his new favourite. Isn’t illustrated Theo adorable?!

The attention to detail is wonderful. I provided Penwizard with a few small details and they created a book that is truly one of a kind. Theo loves that the story takes place on his birthday and includes his full name and the county in which we live.

I won’t give away too much about the storyline as that isn’t fair, but let me tell you it doesn’t disappoint. Theo claps and cheers throughout. It really is a must read for any little Blaze fan.

There is something magical about seeing your child’s face light up with joy as they read a book. I’ve already lost count of the amount of times we have read ‘Theo And Blaze Catch Crusher’. The quality of the book and its content is truly wonderful. This is a book we will treasure.

The details required vary by book but usually include full name, age and birthday. As well as hairstyle, skin tone and eye colour for the illustrations. Theo’s character even has glasses just like him.

I’d highly recommend Penwizard books if you’re looking for a gift like no other. Penwizard offer a huge range of beautiful personalised children’s books. Take a look at the range of characters available here.

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