Topsoil v Loam Soil.

One of the biggest misconceptions in the world of gardening is that topsoil and loam soil is actually the same thing. People find it very difficult to differentiate between the two. Thus more often than not people think they are using topsoil when in actually it is loam soil they are using.

So, what is the difference between the two? When you hear the term ‘topsoil’ this is used in order to describe any of the soil that is placed on the top of the land. Thus, if you are walking on the soil it is likely to be topsoil. The mixture itself is actually various forms of organic matter that has decayed with time. This can be absolutely anything from rocks to decayed grass to food. If you dig a bit deeper into the soil you will notice it becomes lighter and this is to do with the mixture the soil is formed from.

On the other hand, you have loam soil. This is actually a type of topsoil. Nevertheless, this does not mean that all topsoil is loam soil. Rather loam soil is one of the best versions of topsoil available. This is because it has been made from a mixture of silt, clay, and sand. You usually have one half of sand then the other half is a mixture between silt and clay. The reason this mixture is preferred is that it finds the perfect balance between allowing water through but also enough air for circulation. Therefore, the plants can be hydrated but also drained at the same time.

So when people ask you should they use loam soil or topsoil, the question really needs to be should I use loam soil or another type of topsoil sold at the likes of Greenhouse Stores and other great garden product providers. And the answer you will usually give is that it is better to go for loam soil.

As mentioned earlier, one of the main benefits of this type of soil is the fact that it boasts good water retention. The reason for this is merely because of the fact that loam soil has larger particles in comparison to the other types of top soil available today. Because of this, it holds moisture and nutrients a lot better. Another point mentioned was the good drainage of this type of soil. This ensures that the soil does not absorb too much water to the point whereby the plant roots would suffocate.

Not only are these points highly beneficial, but loam soil is also well-liked because it is easy to cultivate. Therefore, it is the perfect choice when you wish to prepare plant beds for your garden and alike. If you like to partake in a bit of gardening then you will find loam soil one of the easiest to utilise.

Loam soil and topsoil should not really be compared against one and other. Rather loam soil is a type of topsoil and it is a fantastic one at that. The good water retention coupled with the great draining qualities makes loam soil ideal.

topsoil vs loam soil